Work banned runningahead.com (Read 745 times)

    They're listing it as "Games" ... Angry I would complain about it but it's kind of like telling them I would post here all day.
      Time to get a new job.... Big grin

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      Princess Cancer Pants

        Games...? Well, I can kinda see that, LOL. But have they seriously ever looked at the site...? Poo, I agree with Janell--new job time! Wink k

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          This is no game. Granted, it's fun, but come on! This is serious stuff! I probably should check the site less often at work myself. Otherwise, they might ban me from using it, which would be hilarious and sad at the same time. Then it's really time to find a new job. eric Smile

            there is an answer to this problem....get yourself a job in the IT department Wink


              that's a huge bummer...sometimes its amazing what workplaces will ban their workers from viewing..the place where my wife blocks her from viewing our blogsite where i put our son's photo albums...crazy.

              CPT Curmudgeon

                there is an answer to this problem....get yourself a job in the IT department Wink
                Yeah, this is the best option right here.
                  The funny thing is that I work in the IT department... except I'm a programmer, not one of the techs who has access to the firewall software settings that my company uses. Okay, off to work.... Undecided

                    I'm a programmer too so no access to the firewalls and filters....and i'm constantly monitored for internet usage but after getting a telling off some years ago i found other means of bypassing the internet filter. Yes i'm a naughty boy but where there's a will there's a way! Evil grin Evil grin Evil grin Evil grin Evil grin Evil grin Evil grin
                      I was at the VA a couple months ago trying to find the program for an upcoming symphony concert - would you believe they had locked the Nashville Symphony site? But not RA! Which do you think I spend more time on while at work? We then proceeded to figure out what else was banned - LLBean, Lands End and Amazon were all OK, but E-Bay was not. NY Times was not banned, but the Onion was. Wink
                        I actually quit my job a couple days ago. This has nothing to do with them banning runningahead... Roll eyes Actually, the office is moving and it would take me three times as long to get there, which is a real detriment to my workout time. I can't sit in the car for an hour and a half every day...
                          Roll eyes ...don't tell anyone, but here's the answer to your problem.... probably a good way to get fired though, so i wouldn't personally try it at work... Proxify Or, try this, if the first one is blocked. Also works at school... not that I've tried...


                            Well I guess it shouldn't be too hard to find another job. If you had quit because they banned this site I was going to cry from the laughter. Good luck on the job search! Geoff