How long after being sick should I wait before running? (Read 120 times)


    Last night, I had a 99.5 fever, so I went to sleep early.  By eleven, the temperature was back to normal, but I took today off for running and school.  How long should I wait before running again, and if I can start running tomorrow, would it be too much to do a hard workout (an interval-like workout)?


    I only have a concern because last year, I started running the day after I got sick, and it took almost a month for me to fully recover, although last time the sickness (symptoms and duration) was much worse.

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        nothing wrong with taking a week off and enjoy yourself.

        12-week layoff

          Run when you feel like running.  I doubt that the longer duration of your illness had much to do with the running; you probably just had a nastier bug that time.  I've had bugs that kept me from running for up to two weeks, like both times I had the flu.  I have run a half marathon with bronchitis, and still finished within minutes of my normal time.  So just listen to your body, and run when you feel recovered enough.

            99.5 is borderline elevated, if at all. If you are feeling fine and motivated, I would go for a run.