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    I have stability shoes and powerstep insoles (they have a lot of arch support).  I was told by my local shoe store that this combination was causing me to land slightly angled, which was causing these blood blisters on my foot (small toe).  They recommended switching to neutral shoes and keeping the powersteps, although they weren't sure how my body would respond.  I haven't acted on this recommendation because the blood blisters went away and haven't come back because I always wrap the toe before I run, and because the stability shoes I was wearing only had like 200 miles on them.


    Can I make this transition to neutral and insoles, or is it possible that I need the stability and powerstep combination?  I don't want to buy the neutral shoes just to find out I can't wear them..


    I wear the brooks adrenaline 13, and I'm considering the brooks ghost 5 because they're similar to the adrenaline.

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      Have you had a running gait analysis done at a good running shoe store? It can be very valuable in getting into the correct shoes for your feet. Personally, I would avoid using insoles unless they are REALLY necessary. Try getting the shoe correct first with a good gait analysis and only add orthotics or insolves if and when they become necessary.


      I run in Brooks 6 and love them having been switched from Asics brand after a gait analysis.

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