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    I am 50 years old and was advised that I must pass the Cooper Fitness test . I must be able to Jog 1.5 miles in 14:33. I am not overweight and am 5"10  179 pounds I am in total shock because "No Pass No Job" Can anyone help me with some type of training plan to pass this test !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






      What is your timeline? The time requirement is ~9:40 pace. I think the easiest way to train for this would be to break down your total run into 100 meter increments. Go to a track and start at either end of a straight-away. Dividing the track into quarters, try to run 35 seconds for each quarter of the track. On a  typical track, the straightaways and the turns will each be 1/4 of the track. Write down on your arm with a pen what your splits should be:








      If you pace yourself with these splits, you should be fine. 35 seconds for each 1/4 of the track might seem pedestrian, but it shold be easy, maintainable, and provide a 2 minute cushion in case you get too tired.

        Step 1:  Google Search:  Couch to 5k

        Step 2:  Get off the internet and start running



          Hey Thanks for responding, Can or should I run each day ? I have a month off to train each day.

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            OK you are posting in two separate threads which could make things confusing. 



            I would continue to walk everyday and start running about every other day.  Some days run as slow as you need to run to run continuously and build up to 2 miles. (you'll thank me for that extra 1/2 mile later).  Some days run a little faster and alternate run segments and walk segments.



            Personally to have some idea of where you are now I would suggest finding a treadmill, walk at your normal walking pace for 5 minutes to warm up, then put the treadmill on 6.2 mph which is approximately the speed you will need to run and try it for awhile.  Wait until you have had at least a few running sessions before trying this and you may want to ramp up slower, but without knowing if that pace is even doable right now it is hard to make a plan.  If you can run for 10 seconds at that pace is a world of difference from if you can run a couple minutes at that pace.

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              OK you are posting in two separate threads which could make things confusing. 


              If you would like to help our new friend iraqofficer, just head on over to his other Must Pass Cooper Fitness Test thread.  It will be easier to keep things in one place.


              Best of luck to you IO.

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