Attach a photo to a workout entry (Read 118 times)


    Might be nice for race finish photos and similar memorable events (I recently ran up a volcano and would like to attach a photo of me and my pal standing atop it).

      +1    I've thought of this in the past, but never asked.

      To work around that, I sometimes paste a direct link to race photos in the space-"Event URL"(if not using for link to results).

      Other than that, i might paste photo link in the note section- but that's more than a click away from viewing.


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        Me too.  i just assumed RA didn't have the capacity for storing all those images.

        Considering how often I actually go back to read old entries, I'm content linking to my imagehost.

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          Isn't this what blogs are for?

            Actually, I agree with everyone: Smile

            1. In some cases, it would be nice to post an image.
            2. Linking to an image host is better than making RA store them all. (That's how it's done in these forums.)
            3. A blog is a better option if you're the type to get real wordy/picture-y.

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

              As LedLincoln pointed out, RA is a log and not a blog.  Lots of things need to change to allow for this feature.  I've considered allowing the log to be transformed into a blog but not sure how much use it would get so I never explored it further.