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Run like a kid again!

    I think an important piece of information is what mileage are your training for? For short distance I think speedwork is great like a 5K. For a longer distance like a half marathon I think Tempo runs are more important. No matter what you do, you have to train your body to be able to handle going faster and build that up for longer periods of time. With all of that said I too believe you have to build up your mileage. This is where I would start and if you are only training for a 5K then getting up to 20 miles a week should be okay. Add in some speed work once a week along with a tempo run after you get your mileage up to 20ish for a few weeks at leastl. Then keep everything else easy. This is very important! Listen to your body and don't strain it too much. Some would say you should only do one hard workout (speedwork,Tempo run) a week. If you are running 4 times a week or more I believe in doing two of them. Easier said then done though. Good luck. Keep us informed. Sign up for a race to have a goal to work towards if you have not.
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      Sub 19 5K (19:24 5K July 14th 2010)
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