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    Hello all,


    I have a problemish, I always feel like running and run the best at night, however it's not a time when it is safe to run (12:00 - 3:00 AM). I always run best at this time too, do you know of anyway I can change my mindset to want to run earlier at a more reasonable hour? This became habit my freshman year of college while training for my marathon and the summer weather in Oklahoma is best between those hours and I happened to be up and still be able to sleep late enough to get adequate sleep, neither of which is true now and my running is suffering because of such.

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      Others will be able to offer up specific helpful advice (I hope)... I'm here to offer up my personal experience.


      I started running (the first time) when I was in grad school.  Just like you... night owl.  I typically ran at, like 2-4a.  I also went grocery shopping then, which was very very strange but I digress.  Fast forward... the older I got, my brain/body started saying es no bueno to staying up late.  Typical corporate worklife played a factor, but really I think it just happened because I got older.  And I became a morning person.  Now I'm my freshest at typical morning running times, with my second choice being typical evening times.  I only run at 2-4a if it is a race and/or I'm pacing someone in a race.  Otherwise, zzzzzz.  So time is the great equalizer.