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Hot Weather Complainer

    Weather chat!  This helps get through a Monday morning....


    I find my legs and body generally more smashed up in the heat but I've never really raced in *real* heat - only training, so I don't really know.  After my best half-marathon which was pretty cold throughout the race (-6 to 0 celsius, 20-30 F - range from start to finish), my legs were well and truly smashed for days.  I couldn't even contemplate a recovery run until Day 4.  Having said that, drinking for 12-15 hours to celebrate then going on a plane the next morning for a few days away wouldn't have helped the recovery.  If I'd done that same race in the heat, as Mark says, I wouldn't have gone as fast or needed much of a warm up so it's likely the muscles would have recovered quickly.


    Perhaps it is like running up a hill?  Takes a lot of effort but is nice on the legs.

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      I’ve done some hot races (90F+, mostly trail ultras).  I find if I’m not careful the heat can really wipe me out  It’s more a general fatigue than muscle soreness.   I haven’t done any races less than 25F, so not sure how that compares.


      DPS - Monster week. Nice


      My week.  46 miles in 6 days.  Feeling good.  My HM is next Sunday, hoping to be 1:24-1:25, maybe 1:23:XX if everything goes perfectly. 

      Monday - Rest

      Tuesday - 7 miles with 5x (0.75 tempo+0.25 jog) TM.  Around 9.3 MPH average for the tempo.

      Wednesday - 6 easy road in the rain

      Thursday - 7 easy road in the rain

      Friday - 10.5 easy road with some pickups

      Saturday - 7 easy trails

      Sunday - 9 easy road with some 0.25 mile pickups.


        Paul - good luck for your race.  What's the race called?  And most importantly, what's the weather forecast?

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          dps / keen - you monsters with your monster weeks!


          72.4km / 45 miles in 5h43

          M: off

          T: 2x (2 min hard 2 min ez 3 min hard 3 min ez 4 min hard 4 min ez)

          W: 12 ez

          T:  5k @ MP+ 1600m jog + 5k @ MP

          S: 12ez

          S: 18 long run

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            Nice James.  Keep easing back in and stay healthy.  Back to base building going forward?


            That's the plan.  After my previous half in March, I built up to a best-for-me seven-week stretch averaging just over 40 mpw with a high of 42.6.  This time I'd like to see if I can average 43-45 for a while.  Want to at least do strides most weeks in December, and maybe some short tempos after that so I can start workouts in February if it looks like I'll want to run a half in March or April.  Or I may stick with the basebuilding for longer and just aim for some shorter races in late spring & summer and think about a fall half.  Also occasional swimming, and gym time to work on my hamstrings (thanks, Kimba).  Have to see how things go, though.. 


            Sorry about the Wisconsin game.  You and I may be the only ones here who follow CFB.  I'm in Georgia, so our doom will almost certainly come next weekend.

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            2020 Goals:  35+ mpw, Half<1:30, 10K<39:35, 5K<19:30


            Making a comeback

              Grew up in Wisconsin and my dad ran for Wisconsin. So I am happy as a clam.

              2019 Goal: Run every day Goal: Get to 165 lbs Goal: Get in shape to be able to run 2 marathons in 2020

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              Marathon: 2:45:00

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                Watson - The race is the Santa to the Sea HM in Oxnard, California.  It starts about 8 miles inland near a giant Santa Claus and finishes by the ocean.  It’s a fast course, I expect some OTQ hopefuls to be there.  Latest forecast is high 63, low 47, sunny.  Mornings are often cloudy, so will probably have some cloud cover in the morning.  Don’t t know about wind yet.

                  James, Watson, Mark Nice Week.

                  Paul nice week as well and good luck in your race

                  DPS that was a huge week I wish I had the time and energy to knock out weeks like that.


                  For me last week was another solid week of base building.  I meet my weekly target of over 40 miles, and as November came to an end I exceeded the target I set for the month. I finished with 163 miles for Nov .  Target for Dec will be right about 200 miles.  I got a good start yesterday with 11 and will try and take advantage of some days off, like today to put in some longer runs.

                  still keeping it slow putting in a couple of strides and tempo paces throughout my runs.

                  Mon  off

                  Tue   4.4

                  Wed  4.3

                  Thur  6.5

                  Fri     16.3

                  Sat   off (planned to run but work got in the way)

                  Sun  11

                  Total 42.6


                  1m  5:38 (2018)

                  5k    19:59 (2019)

                  HM  1:33:56 (2018)

                  FM  3:23:07 (2018)


                  Taper Czar

                    Weather talk: I ran in the worst conditions yesterday for me personally: barely above freezing, rain, and wind. As much as I dread those 160 TDP days, the absolute misery I am in during windy rainy cold runs cannot be topped. My fingers yesterday could barely function at the end of the run, and then I got the Paul burning sensation from the depths of hell as the feeling returned to my fingers.


                    Unfortunately, this was the weather I actually had to wait for, as earlier in the day was all sleet and freezing rain, leaving the sidewalks a complete mess. Today is more snow. I'm hoping it doesn't accumulate too much as I haven't run on the treadmill in probably a year at this point and I don't want to start with 6 days to go.


                    Corey: as stated on Strava, great work in the buildup. You definitely should be doing strides at least twice a week at this point. Start with 4x100 and build up to at least 6x100.


                    Keen: I like how Flavio has already pre-congratulated you on a monster week. He just knows it's coming.


                    Flavio: I'm liking the higher mileage from you!


                    Paul: good luck in the race!


                    DPS: I'm surprised you aren't running longer runs given the mileage, but I think that's actually a good thing. I've never seen someone so dedicated to base building as you have been.


                    Mark/Watson: good weeks.


                    Me: it's race week, you know the drill. 2:3X or bust.



                    Day Miles Description
                    Mon 6.0 Recovery
                    Tue 10.5 EZ + Strides
                    Wed 12.0 4E + 1T + 2M + 1T + 2M + 2E
                    Thu 0.0  
                    Fri 9.5 EZ + Strides
                    Sat 8.0 EZ
                    Sun 13.0 Long(ish) Run
                    Total 59.0  

                    5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:16:05 (10/19)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                    Next Race: NYC Half (3/15/20)


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                      Geez, take a long holiday weekend off and I'm behind by four pages!! You guys really keep the thread moving.

                      All the 2019 newbies - Thanks for sticking with us so far! It's always good to see the group grow.

                      Steve - Sounds like some improvement for the ankle, let's hope that trend continues.



                      Kimba - Definitely stick around! I may need some free PT advice one of these days, and it'll give JMac and me someone else to discuss Daniels training with!

                      JMac - I echo the sentiment about being intimidated by people's mileage/workouts/race times when starting out in the forums. And it give me some hope knowing it took you so long to break 6 minute miles in a 5k and are running the way you are now, because that 5k time is something I've only just accomplished myself.
                      You have one of those Gore R7 shakedry magic jackets, right? Did you use that for the misery run? If so, how'd it work?

                      James, CFarr, & Watson - Good weeks.

                      Mark - Good week, and great job grabbing that CR! That reminds me that I need to grab a local one from one of the XC/track kids...

                      DPS - Monster week! So many doubles... Eventually you catch up to the mileage and it all just blends together and it doesn't seem to take that much out of you. Either that, or you're just fatigued all the time and that becomes the new normal! 



                      DD3 seems completely recovered now, and to go along with this has been sleeping in her own room all night again! I'm largely over my respiratory/sinus infection, but didn't get near the miles in I wanted (wanted ~72, got 56) and certainly had no LR. My week was as planned through Wednesday, I cut a couple M effort miles from my run Thursday, and just got 4 miles on Friday as that was all I had the energy for (original plan was 15). Missing a run on Saturday ended an 89 day running streak (it just happened, I wasn't specifically going for a streak).
                      I keep getting some gunk in my lungs, but nowhere near what it was and I'm no longer extremely fatigued like I was through Friday. Between the lingering effects of the illness and side effects of the antibiotics it seems like my endurance is 75-80% of what it should be. That, plus not running as much as planned, is really throwing off my perception of where my running fitness is. I keep trying to tell myself that a bit of extra rest at the end of my biggest-ever cycle isn't the end of the world.
                      I'm thinking of doing a light-ish workout tomorrow just to get the legs moving a bit fast again, then doing a big one on Wednesday (10 days out from race day) if I'm feeling up to it in order to help "solidify" things.

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                      Vacavillage - 3/1


                        I keep trying to tell myself that a bit of extra rest at the end of my biggest-ever cycle isn't the end of the world. 


                        This is 100% correct.  A few rough days don't detract from the enormous amount of work you've put in to get to this point!

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                          Keen - yeah you'll be fine. Definitely go for a workout Wednesday, but not a "big" one. You won't gain as much fitness as you think. I do think you can go a bit harder than others given you had extra rest this week. Maybe you should do the workout I always do 14 days in advance: 2E + 3x2T + 8E. It's a bit easier than you're used to because all the long mileage occur after the 3x2T. When I did this last week, I felt so much better than when the 8E is up first!


                          Regarding the shakedry jacket, I did use it during my misery run yesterday and it was perfect. It seems too warm for 50+, but once you get to 45 or lower and rain, it really shines. I need to find a solution for those 55 degree and raining days. I run too cold to go without a jacket, but this one is too good for that temp even though it's amazingly thin. Maybe a more water resitant jacket rather than water proof.


                          My favorite thing about the jacket actually is how slim it is, which I think you will appreciate. Even in wind, it's like you're wearing a normal shirt. Never had a jacket fit so well. I'm actually a medium in this thing, and I'm not a medium in any other piece of clothing I wear! But that's because the small only goes up to chest size 35, whereas usually a small is like 36-38.


                          BTW - it looks like it's on sale today for 30% off if you really feel the need to spend too much money on a running jacket...



                          5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:16:05 (10/19)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                          Next Race: NYC Half (3/15/20)


                          King of taper madness

                            Jmac - I agree, those were really bad conditions. I tried running in 45F and rain in Belfast last year and noped out around 1km in.

                            The rain is what gets you.

                            Marco still insists the weather is beautiful there (jk, I know he prefers the weather in his hometown in Italy).


                            I'm really happy the body is holding up with the increased mileage + workouts + strength training. Hopefully I can have another training block next year at a higher mileage average, I kinda like being able to have a sweet 2, 3 times a week and still be able to maintain weight like right now.

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                              JMac - My wallet hates you for telling me that jacket is on sale. Regular price puts it solidly in the "no" category, but that's just *right* there. I also hate that I didn't see that page earlier as one color was on sale for half off...

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                              Vacavillage - 3/1


                                OK just catching up on posts here after work got nuts:


                                Paul - solid week, what's the plan for the taper?


                                Corey - the build up continues!!  Good stuff.


                                JMac - 59 miles is 'taper', brilliant.


                                Today was humid and windy here, which are my two least favourite things as a runner.  Strangely, if it was just one of them, it would've annoyed me, but with both together I somehow cared less and just pushed through.  It was still kinda miserable and slow as progression workouts go, but I guess it'll only get easier from here.  Right?

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                                HM: 1:10:46 (Nov-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

                                Last race: Bays Night of 5's 5000m, 20 Dec, 15:39 (PB)

                                Up next: Southern Lakes Half Marathon, 4 Apr

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