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    When you post yourself I thought you might like to put this address on the parcel... Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand It's the highlight of the Kiwi social calender, so make sure that you post yourself at the right time or you will just be surrounded mt tourists and shopping. More pics of topless gals and hairy bikers... The girls of NZ are so giving and the law here actively promotes any type of sexual deviation possible. You name it, stuff Amsterdam - the Kiwis have legalized - prostitution and all. When I applied to come and live here I had to seek special approval as I have a slightly colorful past - but they let me in anyhow. I am sure that they just spent six months working out if I was deviant enough and it probably went in my favor that my husband had a motorcycle. Big grin Claire xxx
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  • Where's my closet? I need to get back in it.

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      Interesting.....I may have found a place to retire to when it's all said and done...