Foot and lower leg health and injuries (plantar fasciities, bunions) - A very interesting video (Read 44 times)


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    I can't judge the accuracy of all claims, but it all seemed very down to earth and to make sense.

    This is a doctor interviewing a chiropractor about foot and lower leg health and common injuries, along with common root causes for those injuries, treatments etc. It explains quite a bit of the foot anatomy as well.

    Interesting tidbits so far (i'm still half way through the video)

    - narrow shoes cause a multitude of issues to the foot affecting balance, and are one of the causes of plantar fasciitis

    - toe strength is a predictor of falls after the age of 65

    - orthotics should be worn from 2 weeks to a year max, only for serious cases to avoid overcompensation, always the minimum amount of time possible and always with an exit plan which involves strengthening the foot enough so it does not depend on the orthotics anymore.\

    - Calf raises are not the only exercises available, there are many strengthening exercises for the foot. A weak foot causes tons of issue up in the chain of lower body muscles.



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