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    I am a Floridian who made the great migration north and currently live in Montreal, Quebec. I go crazy running on treadmills so I recently started running outside. I love doing this when it's not tooooo bone chillingly cold. However, when I get home and come inside, I get a temporary cold rash. I don't break out into full-on hives like some people, but either way it is irritating and itchy. Is there any way to prevent this??



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      When I run and it is below freezing I put some type of cream/lotion on my face and neck before i head out. I would guess that petroleum jelly would be okay, what I use is called Bee Magic or you can find it under Egyptian Magic and it is a combo of olive oil and royal jelly. It works great for my skin and helps protect against the wind I think. Anyway....I like it and it has been working for me.

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        I first experienced cold rash and hives on my legs as a college freshman, during early morning marching band rehearsals. They eventually want away on their own. So yeah, I'm a lot of help, I know. As for running in the cold, I think one has to get acclimatized as well. It took me a while. I like my snug Mizuno tights, and layers on top, first a tech shirt, then a cotton shirt or sweatshirt, then a windbreaker. Balaklava if it's really cold. Good gloves, and my heart pumping does the rest.

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          In some people, cold can cause histamine to be released, causing a rash. The cold causes an "allergic" reaction (it acutally is the same as an allergy, with the cold being the trigger).

          You could take allergy medicine preventatively, but maybe just a thin layer of petroleum jelly, Aquaphor creme, Eucerin creme, ... helps just as well.

          It is possible that you'll get used to the cold and your body will adjust, but that's not always the case.

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