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    hey guys! I would truly appreciate your help on my issue! I have been running for about a year now and was doing well. I just started the Police academy and have the day tour shift. The problem is I wake up at 3:30 Am which I am no where near used to getting up this early. I go to sleep at 8PM every night so I get my sleep. When I wake up I eat the following (4am)


    1 cup Plain Greek yogurt with chia seeds

    2 boiled eggs

    1 banana

    glass of organic carrot juice


    Now my problem. When I get to the academy at 6:45Am I am TIRED. Not exhausted but I am not in shape to do the 2 hours of cardio. This is effecting my running in gym big time. Right now we are running 2 miles and I cannot keep up with my team, I breath heavy and just feel tired. What am I missing in my bfast?? What else can I add to it?? Should I eat an energy bar at like 6am???


    Please help! and Thanks!!!


      I'm not an expert, but when I run that early, I'm using the energy from what I ate the evening before



        If you're getting up at 3:30, eating at 4, and starting a 2 hour workout at 6:45, it's quite likely that you are seeing a drop in blood sugar about that time.


        Is it possible to eat breakfast closer to the time you start the workout? How long is your commute?


        I find peanut butter toast just before race start gets me through the entire race, usually, and that's 4.5-5 hours.

          Seems like your'e getting decent sleep, and the food your eating seems reasonable. It's possible your team is running faster than what you can handle. What pace are they running, and what do you think you can run comfortably?

            Not exhausted but I am not in shape to do the 2 hours of cardio. 


            What are you doing from 4:00 AM to 6:45?  Are your workdays longer / harder / more stressful than your previous workdays?  If so, you almost certainly need more sleep.  Like maybe another hour.  


            How fast are you running (minutes per mile)?  How fast and far did you run before the Police academy?


            What is your height and weight?  When exercising hard, and two hours per day is very hard, you need to eat for energy.  If you are losing weight, try eating more.  Think total calories per day, not just breakfast.  Make sure that you are getting a balance of carbs, fat, and protein.  A rough rule of thumb is 1/2 calories from carbs, 1/3 from fat, and the rest from protein.


            To repeat: two hours per day of exercise is very hard.  You need to eat more and get more sleep.  At least an hour per day more sleep than you think you need.