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    I took a while off from running (about 8 months) after I graduated from college. When I was in the best racing shape of my life I was about 145lbs. I am tring to make a comeback and the plan is to drop all my PRs. The problem is I weigh about 163lbs now and feel real heavy when I run. I never was to much into dieting so I could use some advice. I work a 8:30-5:30 job where I sit behind a desk a lot so I am not really active during the day. I am afraid if I dont eat enough I will feel weak on my runs and my main goal is to run fast. What kind of daily meals would you suggest? Also how many calories should I consume. Thank you for your help.

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      The bad news...it's VERY difficult to lose weight AND have optimum running calories. I'm trying to drop about 14#s and have lost ~8 since the new year. But I REALLY have to keep my calories low most of the week and only carb/calorie-up a day or two before my long run. There are calculators online that will give you a range of calories to eat in order to lose weight for your activity level and current weight. They are pretty helpful. I take the recommended # and shoot for that to be my weekly average. And I track EVERYTHING in Fitday.com. Come join us in the Jiggly Joggers group for continuous support. We just yesterday started a 5% down by Summer challenge...definitely feel free to join us in that! Smile k

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        When I drink a Monster Lo-carb energy drink with breakfast,I find I automatically eat about 20% fewer calories during the day. It seems to have an appetite suppressant of sorts in it. I would start with a breakfast of at least 600kcals to trick your metabolism into believing food is plentiful. Then, keep 200 kcal energy bars or granola bars, whatever around to munch on every two hours other than lunch and dinner. Aim for about 400kcals at lunch/dinner, and allow yourself a 200 kcal snack for dessert. Eat fiber products after you run, not before, or else you'll find it hard to run. Your metabolism will stay high all day, you won't feel hungry, and you'll lose weight.