Ankle pain when I run on the balls of my feet (Read 56 times)


    Hi everyone!

    Ive tried to pick up running a few times over the years and I always end up developing shin splints and having to stop.


    This time, I went to a Runner’s store and had them analyze me to get me the right type of shoes - stability shoes. I have also been landing on the balls of my feet instead of heel toe. I’ve also been doing a 30 minute session 5 days a week where I do 7.5 minutes jogging, then 7.5 minutes walking, then jogging, then walking.


    I feel like I’m doing everything right to avoid injury, but all the sudden over the last few days when I run on the balls of my feet it hurts my ankle (all the way around) like crazy. If I run heel toe or flat footed the pain goes away.


    Please help - I really don’t want to give up AGAIN!


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      Run heel first there is nothing wrong with running that way.

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        Just one ankle?  Do you run on the side of the road with a cambered surface?


          Yes it is slightly cambered. It’s also both ankles.


            Any changes in gait, cadence, or even shoes (if they are different) will cause discomfort and will require time to adapt because it will not only gets el different, it will recruit different muscle fibers and connective tissues than you typically use while running.


            Also, if you are consciously changing your running form, you are probably over-exaggerating some aspects, and the right form will come in time, when you no longer need to think about it.


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              i always look at feedback like this as an indicator of what needs attention. In this case, i would think about doing some strengthening of the ankles and adjacent areas. I find that jump rope is super beneficial to developing good foot strength, and i work that in several times a week. You might try some ankle rotations, flexing, and stretching as well.