Do You Care Who Wins? (Read 990 times)

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    Oh, I apologize. I thought you wanted them to speak English because of some kind of nationalistic fervor or something [...] I think it's fantastic that you feel comfortable talking to race winners. I guess I'm too intimidated! Except, of course, when my husband or one of my students wins...
    No need to apologize. If you follow the logic from start to finish, I do have a nationalistic desire for somebody close to me to win. Preferably so close that they are me. As for talking to the winners of races, you'll find that the vast majority are really down to earth and are more than willing to chat with all and sundry. There are some people that think that they are better than everyone else, but I have to say that I have met far fewer runners like that than I have in other areas of my life. Besides, if they just won then they are probably in a good mood. Smile

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