total calories in log (Read 74 times)




    I am a little confused with the RA log. Today i did a short run and a short bike ride and when logged individually they come to around 500-600 calories each yet when i do a report on the total calories burned for today  it says it is nearly 2500. How can this be? To double check i moved one to yesterdays date and the came in roughly 600 each but on the same day it rockets to 2500.


    Is it more than just maths?

    PBs:  5k: 20:30  |  10K: 44:55  | Half: 1:45:17

    2013 Goals:  sub 20 for 5k  |  sub 45 for 10k  |  sub 1.45 for HM  

      That sounds like a bug.