pain in my lower calf/shin (Read 38 times)


    hi there,


    first of all I have to admit that I am pretty bad defining pain, so I'll do my best to explain what's going on.


    I was training for the LA marathon and a 3-4 of weeks before I started to feel some pain in my right calf, more that pain discomfort that was going away when it was getting warm and re-appearing when getting cold. So, I didn't pay that much attention and continue my training. I change a bit my training schedule and I did a little too much maybe of speed work at the end ( I was used to do 400m intervals and the last speed works that I did were 5 min at 10k speed x6 and 1km at 10k speed x6) and a little tempo (25 min). the discomfort got worst and I did not run my last week before the marathon. Also the pain move closer to the lower shin (maybe is relevant that I was introducing new shoes in my training) So the day at the marathon the pain was much better, it let me run all the race and even I got a PR. I just noticed a couple of times a more sharp feeling, but I wont say pain. Of course, after the race the pain was there and is being 10 days and is still there. Any advice? Should I just rest and let it heel or go to the doctor and deal with them?


    thank you so much for your help