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    Howdy all, If you noticed a hiccup just now, that was because I uploaded the next batch of minor changes. Technically they're not minor, but they didn't have a central theme. Anyway, here's a quick run down of the changes: Map route editing One of the most requested feature is the ability to edit the points on the route so I added it. You'll notice a new button on the map's toolbar, right next to the notes icon. If you click on it, you'll enter the point editing mode. You'll see a bunch of little boxes on the route. To move a point, simply drag the corresponding box. Clicking on it will delete the line segment. To create a new line segment, just click on the line! When you're in point editing mode, many of the buttons are disabled because they don't work in that mode. If you have an elevation profile, that will be closed as well because the elevation will change as you edit the points so there's no point in fetching new elevation while you're modifying the map. Please beware that if you have lots of points, it will take a while to switch into and out of point editing mode. I'll see if I can make it faster at a later time. Advanced undo Here's another commonly requested feature. I have added "stateful" undo. That means the map will keep states of what you're doing. If you create an out and back route and decided you didn't really want to do that, clicking undo will bring you back to where you were before you clicked the out and back route button, as opposed to the old method where it will just remove the last point. Print maps - take 2 When you're viewing the maps in view mode, there'll be a print button on the map's toolbar. If you click on it, you'll be brought to another page, where the map is maximized for printing. It's not perfect, but better than nothing I suppose. Please note that printing does not work with Firefox because of an existing bug with the browser. There's nothing I can do about that. I'm sorry. Display stats on your blog Under the Tools pages of your training log, you'll find a new link called "scripts for your blog or website". Some users wanted to display some of their data on their blog or website. When you go there, you'll see samples of the scripts that you can use for your site, along with the scripts that you need. Please note that it might not work with all blogs, but I think most blogs will have sections that allow scripts. You'll have to experiment with it. Also, the samples you see on the page are formated using cascading style sheets (CSS). They will look different when you view them from your site because they use whatever styles you use for the site. If you feel savvy enough, you can change how the stats look by following the formating directions at the bottom of the page. Strength training fractional weights I finally got around to allow fractional weights in the strength training weight field. I haven't tested this much so let me know if you encounter problems. Lastly, and the most important, I like to thank all my beta users. They provided great feedbacks and found lots of bugs. Without their help, it would have taken me much longer to release these changes. Thank you for your continual support! Jake: if there are grammatical or spelling errors, that's because it's late and I want to go to bed Tongue eric Smile

      Jake: if there are grammatical or spelling errors, that's because it's late and I want to go to bed Tongue eric Smile
      Hey, I'm still trying to pronounce "gastroesophageal reflux" from another thread. Or figure what it means. Or if I can get a shot to take care of it. Who cares about your grammar? (By the way ... cool about the 26m.com thing!)

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        Try "GERD" - it's easier to say and spell. Big grin

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          Thank you! I love the advanced undo feature - I've been secretly hoping for that one so I can edit out and backs more easily!


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            Eric, If swearing was polite I would definately have to say this batch of updates is 'something something' wicked. I especially love the map editor...you have no idea how many times I started over 'cuz I missed a point! wow - great site now greater! Dave

              Eric...thanks for adding the advanced undo upon request...sounded like you had it in mind already but you definately met my needs...thanks! Smile
                Try "GERD" - it's easier to say and spell. Big grin
                Or acid-reflux or just heart-burn. (ie, acid from your stomach going up into your esophagus which is supposed to only carry food from your mouth to your stomach - not the other way around.)
                  I do like the blog updates. My blog has never looked better. Thanks, Pat www.patsrunning.blogspot.com
                    Eric, The updates look AWESOME! Thanks, Marcus

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                      Very cool! You are awesome, eric!
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                        Tongue 'Under the Tools pages of your training log, you'll find a new link called "scripts for your blog or website".' I don't see it, I just see a map, with save map... do I need to enable an option, or become a beta-tester? The local store that said 2 weeks for the nike chip, just called them, said ANOTHER 2 weeks. I think that is their stock reply for ANYTHING. Tempted to buy online, but with our postal system... As soon as I get it I will update you. 8 Ball GERD: learned something new! Also, does anyone else get itchy skin, around the waist while running? I think it was cold / oxygen effects, I have been told it is something to do with having 'too much blood' that is, too many red blood cells, that are over oxygenated. This is second hand information from a Swedish guy who was told this by his Doctor, anyone else confirm this? I can hold my breath for 2 minutes easily while shallow diving, but I wouldn't expect two runners to be afflicted with the same condition, so I still think it is cold / jogging that makes your skin 'itchy'. (More like a pins-and-needles sensation, but not unlike the sensation in your hands after coming into the warm from the cold)
                        eric :)

                          Pheidippides! I was wondering where you are! Good to hear from you, even in the form of questions. The first and most important one, part of the confusion is my fault because there are two different Tools pages. The one you're referring to is the site level tools section, just as training log and community (forums and groups) are their own sections. The scripts are located in the training log section. Click on the Training Log tab, which will bring you to the log. You know how there's a bunch of tabs on the left side, such as Summary, Shoes, and Graph? Tools is one of them. That's the Tools page I was talking about. Hope this clarifies it. I'll email you regarding the Nike+. Much of the discussion would be too dull for most users. As for the itchy skin, it has something to do with temperature of your skin, your general fitness, and blood. From what I understand, maybe Trent, et al can back me up on this, when you're out of shape, the capillaries under your skin are partially collapsed. Don't worry, this is normal. The reason is the capillaries are used to bring blood to the surface to reduce your core temperature. If you don't exercise regularly, you rarely need to vent the excess heat, and therefore the capillaries are rarely filled with blood. When you run, you generate lots of heat. Your body cools itself by moving the blood closer to your skin. That means the capillaries, which were collapsed, had to be filled with the boiling blood. The expansion of the capillaries stimulates the nerves around them, which you interpret as itch. This sensation is not permanent. As you become fitter, the capillaries will no longer collapse and the itching will stop. I don't know how long before that happens. I used to get the itch several years ago when I started running in the winter, but don't have it anymore. Hope this helps. eric Smile

                            Hi everybody! I love this site and recommend it to everyone I know. There is probably more to it than I use but I am happy mapping my courses and logging everything I do! Thank you, Eric for providing us with this awesome site. I have registered my 13 year Old son as well who will be doing his first half in May! Kind of a coming of age/ rite of passage! He will be under my close watch so having the online log will be perfect and having to log everything will be good discipline for him a well! RE: Itchy skin....I don't itch but I am always amazed how red my whole body gets when I run! Now I know why!! (ew...) Wendy