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Consistently Slow

    .A customer asked how my running was going. Me: Can not run because I have osteoarthritis in the knee. Customer: That's good. I am taken aback for a quick second. The customer is in a wheel chair. He is paralyzed from the waist down. What is a little osteoarthritis? Smile

    Run until the trail runs out.

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     The pain that hurts the worse is the imagined pain. One of the most difficult arts of racing is learning to ignore the imagined pain and just live with the present pain (which is always bearable.) - Jeff

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      "I never lamented about the vicissitudes of time or complained of the turns of fortune except on the occasion when I was barefooted and unable to procure slippers. But when I entered the great mosque of Kufah with a sore heart and beheld a man without feet I offered thanks to the bounty of God, consoled myself for my want of shoes and recited:

      'A roast fowl is to the sight of a satiated man

      Less valuable than a blade of fresh grass on the table

      And to him who has no means nor power

      A burnt turnip is a roasted fowl.'"


      The Gulistan. by Sa'di


        I like turnips.