How'd you do on your 2009 goals? (Read 1271 times)

    With 2 weeks or so left in the year its time to take a look back and see successes and failures as compared to 2009 goals.  Hopefully everyone has more pluses than minuses.  Here's mine:

    1.  Run 100 miles/month.  I'm right at this average, with 1155 as of today (haven't kept up my log online).  Now that I'm back from my honeymoon and healthy again I should have little trouble hitting 1200 on the year.  Had I not taken the trip I'd be closer to 1300.  This is my most miles in a year since 1994.

    2.  Run 35-40 miles/week.  I got into the upper 30s on several weeks but never cracked 40.  My average will be between 23-24.  I don't think I quite made this one.  At least not with any consistency.

    3.  Weigh 190.  I weighed 188 this morning!  I guess having rotovirus and sinus infection within a 3 week span helps, but I didn't eat so much on my honeymoon regardless and barely any junk food.  I started the year at 205 and mostly sat between 195-200, including 196 on 11/20 when I left for Brazil.  But running 5 miles last night I felt really light on my feet.  Hopefully I can stay in this area except my wife thinks I'm too skinny looking now.

    4.  Stay healthy.  I had some intermittent tendonitis issues, once I attributed to worn out shoes, another time to bad form.  I was able to manage it and it largely went away.  Every once in awhile my ankle will be sore.  I had one cold early in the year and then the airplane-induced illnesses in the past month.

    I didn't race much this year but when I did I raced very hilly courses, with terrible times but finishing up in the pack.  I did some tempo runs/time trials and brought down my "post 2000" times in many distances.  All in all I give myself a B or B+ on the year with room for improvement in 2010.


    How about you?

    The shirtless wonder

      For a while I've had two long term running goals.  I wanted to break 20 minutes in a 5k and I wanted to qualify for Boston before I was 35 (so I'd have to hit the 3:10 barrier).  These were long term goals but things were going well early in the year.  I decided to push those goals and make them goals for 2009. 

      Earlier this year I ran a 19:03 5k.  Last weekend I BQed with a 3:09:17. 

      2009 has been an incredible year for running for me.

        My goal for the year was to recover from a nasty bout with plantar fasciitis in 2008.




        In October or so, I realized I ought to be able to run 1,000 miles for the year too.  I should completely that goal probably the 29th, 30th, or 31st. 

        Prince of Fatness

          I didn't get my BQ but lowered my PR in a few distances.  I also learned a bit about training and racing.  I'm happy with my results mostly but am still hungry.  Nothing wrong with that.


          I also ran more miles this year than any other but that was a consequence of my goals and not a goal in itself.



            I hit two milestones I figured I'd hit (200 marathons and finished all the states), and crapped the bed on my two speed goals.  1:30 half, no.  My best was 1:35.  3:18 full, no. My best was 3:31.


            But I lived. 


              I hit two milestones I figured I'd hit (200 marathons and finished all the states), and crapped the bed on my two speed goals.  1:30 half, no.  My best was 1:35.  3:18 full, no. My best was 3:31.


              But I lived. 



              Was the 3:31 in Seattle?  I saw you somewhere close to that speed on the out and back portion coming back from the mountain view.


              1:30 is hard to hit but 1:35 is awesome in its own right.  I am slowly stepping back inot the flow of racing and building my conditioning back up from a few months relaxing and nailed a 1:36 last weekend.  Might have been faster but I held off the last several kilometers.


              "You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas"  Davy Crockett

                As far as goals and reaching them I had only one and it was to complete a hundred miler.  I handled running 60 of them but bailed on the run after that.  I had some good blisters and lack of moto!


                I continued running a marathon a month through June but then took it easy.  I now am rebuilding my base and training for Tokyo.  2010 might be a better year. 2011 will be an awesome year.

                "You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas"  Davy Crockett


                  No, I ran a 3:39 in Seattle.  I was on pace for a 3:25ish because I was running with pink tutu guy.  But I am not in shape to run that pace through the hills after M18 of Seattle, and I paid the price for going out too fast.


                  Two weeks later (yesterday) I ran the 3:31 at Dallas White Rock.  Had I not been sick for the first part of that race, I had 3:25-3:27 in me, no doubt about it.


                    I had one goal for 2009: run a sub-3 marathon. I'd figured Newport would be the best shot, but I managed it at Boston, which makes it all the cooler.

                    After that I ran 13 marathons in 12 weeks, for 7 Marathon Maniac stars. Also I managed three more sub 3:10s (including the last two of those 13). While training for Boston I set big 10K and HM PRs. Finally, I finished with 20 marathons (+ ultras), my highest year yet (though not much by Maniac standards), including 10 BQs.

                    But... I stopped seriously training after Boston. I'd reached the point of diminishing returns. Not sure when or if I will have running goals again.

                      I did well.   I "won hardware"

                          I ran a 10 K, and by May, at that.

                          I increased my PRs  in 5Ks, and 8Ks.

                          Oh, and I started and finished C25K, after I finally got through with week 5, day 3

                      Ho Ho Ho!   Merry Christmas!, and new resolutions are on the way in two and a half weeks.


                        Well, my goals going into 2009....


                        1. Run 2009 miles in 2009

                        Met. (Only found the Running Ahead log half way through the year)


                        2.  Run a marathon in under 4:30.

                        Ran a marathon in 3:40 and BQ'ed.  Beat this goal in April by 20 minutes and it kept dropping until I realized I could BQ and did that Smile Met.


                        3.  Run a half in under 2 hours.

                        Ran a half in just under 1:41. Met.


                        4,  Lose 15 lb. (weigh 150 lb)

                        Lost 35, gained back 10-15 for a net loss of 20-25.  Met.  (Was out prepartum weight heading into 2009, too... had already lost the additional)


                        Bonus: I got to join the Maniacs, and then get another star... which I wasn't expecting. Smile 


                        Also got significant PRs in the 5K (by 6 minutes) and 10K (by 14 minutes) distances.


                        Ran 7 marathons in 2009. (Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Nov x 3)


                        So, it was a breakthrough year.  Turned a little sour fourth quarter of the year with the weight, and I got mono shortly before my goal marathon, which I think hurt my performance... but if you look at what I was expecting starting the year, and can't say anything negative.

                        And definitely not bad when my daughter was born in August 2008. Smile

                          In summary:

                          • 3,200-ish miles when it's all said and done.
                          • 14 races.
                          • 2 marathons.
                          • 0 PR's*.
                          • Came out the other end healthy and psyched to make some hay in '10.

                          A good year.

                          *Technically PR'd at 25k but only because it was my first race at that distance, and also I'm pretty sure I've closed the last 25k of a couple 30k's and a 20-miler faster than that but I can't prove it.  So the 25k show's up in my list of PRs but it gets picked on and called names by the other PRs in the list.

                          Runners run.

                            Since my main goal for 2009 was to get my mileage up to an acceptable level, I did accomplish that as by the end of the year, I'll be at 1,800+ miles for the year...


                            I set a PR a few weeks ago in the 5 Mile and beat my last year time by 3 minutes ...


                            Half Mary --- My Half Mary's were a little disappointing this year, but that just sets me up for a better 2010....

                            In my running past, I have normally gotten hurt at about the 20 to 22 MPW mark and now thanks to better running technique and a lot of good coaching from the RA people, I am running totally injury free and close to the 40 MPW arena now...and have been running almost 2 years in a row -- no injuries.....THIS IS VERY GOOD...


                            SO -- overall this year has been a very good one for me............and I'm looking forward to setting a few decent PR's in 2010....

                            Champions are made when no one is watching


                              I found the joy in running - 2009 goal fully met

                              "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                              "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                              L Train

                                If you would have asked me my goals at the beginning of the year, I think I would have said to have a 3:45 marathon and a 1:40 HM, among some other things.  I reached both of those, but was disappointed in the end, especially in the marathon.  PRs in all distances, which probably says more about my past than my present.  That's the funny thing about running goals.  As you get closer to achieving them you always want more, at least I do.