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eric :)

    Hi all,

    I cleaned up the forums and groups pages and made them mobile friendlier.  It applies only if the screen width is 480 pixels or less.  I may increase this number from your feedback.  Please let me know what you think of the change, or if I missed a page.  I will do the same for the training log as I go through the log revamp.


    eric Smile


    mta: the site should also detect your phone's capabilities so that if your phone doesn't work with the text editor, you'll get a plain text box instead.

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      Eric, I just checked it on my Android and it is a dramatic improvement.  Thanks!


      I used to have to hold the phone landscape to really use the site and that is no longer required.

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        so easy to post now! with bold and italics and underline, too!!

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          Sweet, thanks Eric !


            Yay!!! I can post from my phone without quoting. Smile

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            Well, there's always next year.



              Wow...it's brilliant!  Perfect on my iPhone 4s (iOS 6)!

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                I can post from my phone again! You are the greatest!!!

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                  It looks great! Thanks for the continuous improvements to the site!

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                    This is fantastic!!!!! I had been really frustrated with trying to post from my phone - as I have been most forums, so I figured it was just something I would have to deal with. However, the changes you made have completely changed the mobile experience for the better! Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make this site user-friendly. I do not regret for one moment my decision to come here from that other place a few months ago. Smile

                      Good morning!  It was like I opened a Christmas present this morning when I looked on RA with my iPhone!


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                        Nicely done!


                        Now all we need is a simplified, mobile-friendly panel for entering workouts.


                        Yeah, I know -- all Eric does is give, and we just continue to take take take....

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                          Thank you. Yay! (Posting from the stock Browser.) Firefox still acts funky.

                            Sue sighting!


                            And, yes, same for me.  The built-in browser works now (win!).  But firefox, on my phone at least, is still finicky.



                              type this from Firefox. but lm more of an Opera user on my cell as it's far faster than other mobile browsers. on Opera, when l hit reply, l don't get a text box.



                              EDIT: And edited this from my computer. the 480 pixels resolution is a bit coarse (looking forward to future improvement). When I finished typing the above paragraph and thought about adding "and it's great" to the end of 1st sentence, my finger was touching the 1st sentence but didn't get the cursor to move there. Instead, it was the superscript and subsrcipt functions got highlighted. I wasn't aware of that until later and it was too painful to changed them back on the phone. So it's now got "my" at superscript position and "browser" at subscript.


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                                I like it, but when I am reading a long thread with many pages, it seems to cut off the page numbers and the forward arrow at the bottom and I can't advance. I'm using an iPhone 4S with iOS 6.1..

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