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    MTA: Curses...I had so much else I should have been doing today!!!!

     I just bought a bunch of books and swore I was going to stay off the Trenternet this weekend.  Drats.


    Thanks Eric!!!!  This rocks. 


      love it! Already created a training plan to try and incorporate some more varied activities into my plan, and to see just how much i've loaded myself up for the next month. Thanks so much for making this!

      eric :)

        It was late last night when I made the announcement and I forgot to mention two things:


        I created a new widget for the summary page that lists the schedule workouts for the next 7 days so you can see what's ahead.  Clicking on an entry will link you to the workout editor so you can enter the workout and mark it as complete.


        Now that the log supports training plans, you can no longer log future workouts.  Logging workouts in the future caused problems with distance calculations.  I don't think this will cause any problems.  If I'm wrong, I'll remove the date restriction.


        Trails are hard!

          Thanks Eric.


          Maybe now would be a good time for me to think up some sort of training plan.



           that was exactly my thoughts when this was brought to my attention.


          thank you in advance for removing another excuse to procrastinate in setting one up.

          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.



            Hi Eric,


            Just a note that in Chrome 11 on linux (Debian 6.0), Shift-click won't copy a planned workout, but Ctrl-click does copy the workout.  Obviously, not a big issue, just a system-dependent little quirk.  When in doubt, start pressing all the modifier keys!



              Yay, I'm very happy to see this new feature.


              Not that I'm any good at following a training plan. But I have hope.


              thank you, Eric!


              Mind Over Matter

                awesome addition, Eric! Smile thanks for everything you do!





                eric :)

                  Thanks for this - a great addition, really appreciated


                  Any chance of a csv import function to allow existing plans to be imported and save lazy people like me lots of time?


                  One other nice time saving feature would be the ability to select standard race distances from a drop down on the distance field


                  Thanks again for the new functionality


                  Creating a CSV importer is not hard.  However, I need to feedback on what should be allowed in the CSV so that the format could accommodate the most people.  This will be a future add on.


                  The standard race distance dropdown will not be possible.  With the ability to copy plan items, the need to reduce the amount of typing is reduced.

                  eric :)

                    Fantastic new feature.


                    One bug - using Windows Vista, and latest verison of Chrome brower, the moving/copying feature isn't working as advertised. If I drag an entry, it just copies it to the new location, not move it. Pressing modifier keys doesn't switch the action to move.


                    This is fixed


                    1) as well as a weekly summary of miles planned, show a summary of actual miles completed - very useful to see if your plan is going to plan (as it were) or if your daily run targets are too long (or too short). Also this shows the difference in mileage if you skip planned runs.



                    This will be added in a future release.  There are many features surrounding the training plan.  Since they all rely on the existence of a training plan, I have to create the training plan editor first.


                    2) currently, if you run on a day when there was no planned run, it doesn't show in the training plan, which means if you have to swap a day for whatever reason, it doesn't show in the plan - be able to mark a run as an "unplanned, plan run" - obviously you could just go into your training plan and edit it to reflect reality, but doing that gives you no historical context. If you want to reuse your marathon plan for next time, then you want to be able to go back and see that, say, you constantly had to keep adding an extra rest day to the plan after long runs to allow for sufficient recovery, or whatever.

                    This also means that extra runs you add because you have time, or are felling good, show up as extra runs. Again, useful for next time so that you don't include them in the new plan, and risk overtraining as circumstances may well be different.


                    I need to give this some thought.  Even if it's possible, the solution may be overly complicated to implement and to use.

                    eric :)

                      Can we export using iCal so we could see it in our favorite calendars?  Pretty please?  Smile


                      This probably won't be added because if I create something for iCal, then someone else would want the same for some other calendar.  Where does it end?

                      eric :)

                        Can we have RA email/SMS us some set amount of time before the planned event (you know, like the night before, so I can make sure I have all my gear ready)? Pretty please? Smile


                        This is certainly possible.  I need to think through how best to do it since this feature needs to run pretty much around the clock and may potentially affect server performance.

                        eric :)

                          You da man!


                          I do like the enhancement listed above to track actual against planned, but I love the intuitiveness.


                          wish list. I realize you are already using coloring coding for exercisetype, but I'd like to see my running (easy, tempo, interval) colors. No t sure how to weigh that against the Run v. Bike v. Swim.


                          But really a nice idea, interface and implementation so far.


                          In the editor, the plan entries use the activity's color.  When you view it in the calendar, the workout type's color will be used for the default activity.

                          eric :)

                            I like this idea as well.  I used a coach this past season and he had me set up on TrainingPeaks (which meant I had to enter my runs in two places).  RA is far superior, but one thing I did like was getting an email daily telling me what my workouts were for the next two days.


                            Any chance you can convince your coach to switch if I add coaching support?  Big grin

                            eric :)

                              One enhancement I'd like to humbly request for a future revision, would be a way to drop in a potential future race (or event), without adding in the corresponding miles.  For example if there's a local 5K coming up 6 weeks from now and I'm thinking of maybe doing it within my marathon plan just for fun,  the option to drop it in as a "reminder" would be nice.  This could also be useful to drop in other reminders that may affect our plan but may not have miles associated with them, such as vacation days or travel days for work.  I realize that's beyond the scope of a normal training plan that's intended to cover mileage plans, but it would be helpful with planning. I tried dropping in a "no-miles" entry, and the weekly totals went from total miles to "Run 8 times" (which was also pretty cool, by the way). 


                              I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "drop in".  What's the difference between "dropping it in" and adding a race entry to an existing plan?  You can mark the entry as race and leave the distance field empty, which seems to do what you're asking.

                              eric :)

                                Great feature.  I was using the calendar to add in planned workouts before, so this is perfect.  Did find a bug when copying a week.  Only the first workout is copied to the next week instead of all workouts. The Save button is too far to the right due to the width of the Calendar.  Keep up the good work


                                I am unable to reproduce this problem.  Which browser and version are you using?  Did you drag the summary header or something else?