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    I'm not a shopaholic. I buy things when I need them...not because someone has a "deal". But good to see you're not a bot or whatever.

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      I seem to always miss the Inov 8 sales at the clymb. My size sells out rather quickly.


      Hokas and Inov-8? Aren't you going at the opposite ends of the spectrum? :-)


      The Hokas have a time and place for me...those times and places are pretty rare. I'm sure I would have never purchased them if it weren't for the discount and curiosity. For that matter, the Inov-8s are the ones with the tungsten studs in them for ice, so they're pretty specific use as well.



        Deals are obsolete now. Original message deleted.




          Link above is for Altra Running shoes (the "Adam" and the "Eve"). They are on sale at 50% off.


            Vibram 5 fingers bikila on special at woot.com for about $38:




            MTA: I'm not a bot. many of these specials come from woot or groupon. 


            BTW from reading the comments at woot, City Sports has the bikilas on sale for about $45, and if you look for an online coupon, I think you'll find them at 20% off that price.


            MTA: looks like they sold out at woot rather quickly. They now have the Garmin 405cx (refurbished) for $99. Comes with HRM. I dont work for garmin. If you don't like the bezel, then the price won't entice you.


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              If anybody needs some cheap racing flats or winter ice shoes, running warehouse has some spiked xc racing flats for 20 bucks shipped.


                any fans of the Peg 29, finishline.com has some great bargains right now..

                  same at Foot Locker... I got dragged to the mall yesterday and while my wife was at William-Sonoma checking out all the kitchen goodies, the kid and I chilled in Foot Locker... lots of last year's Nike on sale.


                  And dang... the new Kobe's are fresh!


                  any fans of the Peg 29, finishline.com has some great bargains right now..



                    yes, Kobe is a bad man, but the Peg 29's are under $60.  sweet...


                      I don't know for sure if compression calf sleeves improve performance, but I do think they help speed up recovery if I'm sore. I'm not familiar with the brand, but for the price, they may be worth checking out. Offer is from groupon.


                      $19 for Remedy Calf Sport Compression Socks ($49.99 List Price). Multiple Options Available. Free Shipping.

                      MTA: on a different note, Race Ready sent an email with a 15% off coupon (code NEWYEAR). They have shorts with pockets for your gels, trash, or whatever.


                        FYI, the vomero's on clearance with 25% off code (COMPETE) at nike's website (<$60 after coupon and before tax and shipping). It's a lot like the peg, but a bit softer I think.


                        any fans of the Peg 29, finishline.com has some great bargains right now..


                          COMPETE is dead, bummer.  I agree, the Pegs are the bomb, best version to date IMO.


                            heartratemonitorsusa.com has an 8% off coupon: HEART8