what is your finish face look like (Read 6435 times)


    Runners run.

    It's a setup

      Multi-bibbed and dropping the lady in the life preserver. Well done.


        I wanna see the spud's finish face.  Where you at, Finn?

        Not running for my health, but in spite of it.

        Prince of Fatness

          Be careful what you ask for.


          "run" "2" "eat"

            dropping the lady in the life preserver


            i thought this was a euphemism for... something... er... something "showing", as it were.


            turns out, it's not.

            i find the sunshine beckons me to open up the gate and dream and dream ~~robbie williams


              I want to see an picture of an unhealthy person on a street finishing a marathon right at the 8 hour cut off time.


                Candice says


                Bob Hearn there is another one where I’m full on melting clown face. 😂


                We await...