Last minute tapering advice (Read 263 times)


    I just found out about a race happening on 1/27, which is a little over 3 weeks from now. It is either a 10k/30k race. I'm very tempted to enter it even though I haven't been training specifically for any races at all. It allows race-day registration so I can put off making the decision until the last week (due to weather, work schedule...etc). I have never raced these 2 distances so I will have guaranteed PR, but I still want to race it as best I can. I know there's little I can do in 3 weeks to train specifically for them, I just want to make sure I dial-down my normal weekly routines to taper properly. My normal week is track intervals on Monday, a ~13 miles long run on the weekend, and several random (mostly easy) runs over the weekdays to make up ~40 mpw with 5 to 6 days of running. My current thought is to taper only for the last week:


    weekend: ditch the long run and run 3-6 miles easy

    mon: ditch the interval and run 3-6 miles easy

    tues-thurs: < 5 miles easy

    fri: rest

    sat: a couple miles easy

    sun: race


    Is that a sufficient taper, or too much/too little? I think it may be ok for 10k, but I'm not sure about the 30k. I don't know how to "scale" marathon tapering schedule to these distances. I suspect I may be better off doing the 10k since I have not been doing any longer distance tempo runs, plus tapering is probably lesser of a concern for that short a distance?


    Thanks for any suggestions/advice!

      All of that sounds right to me!  Then again, Jeff will pop on and say I don't know anything and my writing isn't comprehensible, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt! Wink


      If you've never run the 10K why don't you just do that and not worry about the 30K?


      I think 10K's are a pretty good race myself.  Not so short and fast than you are dying the entire way, and not long enough that you are completely whipped the next day and need a week to recover.


      Only thing I would add to your schedule if it was me, would be to maybe throw some strides into your Saturday run, and maybe make the weekend long run an 8-10 miler or something so you still keep your mileage up a bit vs. all the way down to 3-6.  You'll still have a full week to recover before your race.


      That's my thoughts.  Not worth much though!

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        If it's not a goal race (and it sounds like it's not) then I wouldn't taper at all.

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