Compartment Syndrome and Fasciotomy? (Read 903 times)


    Has anyone had any experience with compartment syndrome? I've been trying to beat it with physical therapy and am now facing a Fasciotomy. I've been a little perplexed by the lack of information on this subject and the long term effects of receiving a fasciotomy. Thanks for your replies, E!

    You'll ruin your knees!

      I have never known anyone with compartment syndrome. At times, I have wondered if I might be battling with it myself, but have never had lasting symptoms and never seen a Doc about it. I assume Fasciotomy is a surgery to address the issue, again, never heard of anyone going through this. I also assume you are working with a good doc and have taken the time to get additional doc opinions??? I would never go into surgery without having at least two different docs come to the same conclusion independently. Sorry I can't be any help to you other than hope for the best! Take care and good luck, Lynn B

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      Shari Lyn

        I am a Certified Atheltic Trainer and have had to deal with athletes who have experiences compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome can be very serious if not taken care of right away. The developing pressure within fasica surrounding the muscle can cause nerves to be pinched. A fasiotomy is when they open up the fasica to release the pressure. They will generally leave it open for a specific period of time. Hope this helps!!! Shari Smile

          I'm a bit late in responding, but is the Fasciotomy where they slice down the sheath covering the muscle? I've had a friend who had it done... years ago and we've lost contact. She wasn't able to stay in the Army but I think she was able to stay active after.
            Did you try http://www.webmd.com