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    I have been naively bias towards Brooks shoes ever since I started running so I don't venture out much into other brands. I stumbled upon some Saucony shoes on clearance at a local store for only $24 a pair so I bought 3 pair just to use for easy/recovery runs. These were the Ride 15 and PWRRUN foam felt very mushy like I was running on marshmallows. I am used to the Brooks Ghost being firm but bouncy.


    Anyway, as I continued using the Saucony shoes, I have really started to enjoy how plush the foam is for recovery runs. As the Brooks shoes lose their bouncy, supportive feeling after 100-150 miles, they don't feel as good when my feet need a break after a hard/long run. The mushiness of the PWRRUN foam has continued for well over 200 miles and I also enjoy wearing them when I am not running for how they treat my feet.


    I found the Saucony Triumph on sale for $60 with the PWRRUN+ foam. I have only run a few easy miles in them but that updated version of the foam has the same plush marshmallow feeling but seems to have more energy return. I am not sure I will get away from the Brooks Ghost for my primary shoe for long runs over 12 miles but these Saucony shoes on clearance are certainly a great value for how long the foam stays soft. I am going to order another pair of the Triumph for $60 to keep in my closet.


    Saucony Triumph 19 (fit2run.com)

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      If you're going down the saucony rabbit hole, check out the Endorphin Speed and Pro. The Pro has a carbon plate and both shoes can be found under $100 for prior year's models.

        FYI on the Brooks side - there's a Ghost Max which has more cushioning, and the Glycerine is a heavily cushioned model as well.



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          I normally don't buy the newest model of shoes and wait until a new version comes out so the shoes are on sale. Part of what I was highlighting was the fact that I was getting these shoes for $24-60 when they were originally $140-160. I am rarely an early adopter and will take last season's shoes over the newest ones if there is a good cost difference.


          As for the Brooks Ghost, the foam gives more return energy and they still feel great on my feet for long runs which I will also push the pace. The Saucony marshmallow shoes have just grown on me for the easy recovery runs where I don't care what pace I'm running but they feel soooo nice on my feet.

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            I'll mirror your experience. I normally run in Brooks Adrenaline shoes and still like them.

            When the local Roar Runner store had their big shoe sale I picked up a pair of Saucony Triumph and Hurricane. Both feel really comfortable. I wear them on short runs and for general use. Got them for $60 a pair so a good deal. Got a pair of Brooks Launch GTS for $34. Though not quite a good deal as you got.

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              The Triumph 19 and Triumph 20 are very different underfoot. Both are available for ~$60 if you look around.

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                I am a Saucony guy mostly even though I now love the Asics NovaBlasts. I actually don't feel the Saucony Ride 15s are a plush ride. I mean I like them a lot but more for warmer running. That foam does not stay very soft in the cold here in WI. Note, the Ride 16s and especially the 17s are gonna feel a bit more cushy but not as cushy as the Triumphs. The Triumphs do have that extra plush cushion. I like it and don't think it's too much. That insole they have in there adds to it. Note, in testing, the cushioning in the Triumphs hold up quite well in the cold...only losing about 10% of flexibility and cushioning in sub 32 degrees. This is why I like them for outside winter running her in WI. I also love my NovaBlasts in warmer temps but in cold it loses 50% of its flexibility and firms up pretty good. YES, I am shoe junky. Haha. I just did a Zoom call with my runner athletes on the subject.


                I used to wear Brooks Ghosts. I liked them. Brooks Ghost Max will give you that more cushy feel. My problem with Brooks is that they don't discount for crap. I just got a pair of Rides for $63 and Triumphs for $80. You don't get these deals with Brooks. I don't think they are keeping up with the technologies of other companies either especially with the Super Foams but their prices are up there with the rest. I say this from a marketing perspective. For average runners, these shoes are just fine. BUT, they need a shoe like the Endorphin Speeds or Pros or Asics SuperBlast with Super Foam but no plate. The Hyperion Elite 4s were represented well though at Olympic Trials so they are making progress. I just think there needs to be more Super Foam options without the plates. This is best for the average runners.  Hyperion Tempos and Hyperion Max are good lighter, quicker trainers in Brooks line.  Very good but no Super Critical foam in these.

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