I'm runnign again after 20 years (Read 780 times)

    Hi all, I used to run the one and two miles in track plus Cross Country. I gradutaed from high School in 1982 so i am 43 years old. I miss the fun experience! I am back.I starting to walk 2-5 miles a day and in July I will be running. I am starting to pick upm equiptment. i think I am going with an Asics Gel for a shoe. It fits nice when i tried a few pair on last week.
      It's good to see that I'm not the only 40 year old starting to run again. Smile Welcome!
      Daddy's littel girl.
        Hi, Tom! Welcome back to running! Don't be shy about posting here! There are a lot of experienced runners here (I'm not one of them - I just talk a lot!) and it's a friendly place! Janell

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