Aug. mileage? (Read 851 times)

    I thought 40-50 miles/week was pretty standard for being prepared for a marathon...? I don't see how I could run one on my current mileage, which is in the 30-35 mpw range. k
    August mileage was 92.4, a slight reduction from July. I really HOPE you can complete a marathon without exceeding 30MPW, at least that's my plan. Smile The next two weeks will actually only be 20 MPW, then I attempt my first 23 mile run on 9/23. Another pair of 20 MPW, then an attempt at my first 26 mile run on 10/14. If I'm still standing at that point, I'm off to Manchester on 11/4 for the real deal. I managed to cover 20 miles in 3:06 on Sunday, and felt pretty good after. A big improvement over my first 20, that one left me wondering if I could ever get to 26.2.

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      78.6 Miles running. The highest volume over the past 3 months of training (hoping to clear the century mark this month). 138.8 miles biking. I'd love to clear 175 on the bike this month). I'm hoping this should get me over the hump for my half marathon at the end of October.
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      Philly Curse

        91.0 miles total, but 85.7 miles from Aug 9th-31st...i got a late start since i just started running again. I think its a good start to my marathon training

        Philly Curse

          Correction: from Aug 6-31st ran 87.7 miles