Flying Pig Marathon 2012 (Read 1111 times)

    Good luck and have fun, Matt.


    Thanks, Drew.  Enjoy your race Saturday!

      To all of the others running it looks like it might get pretty hot so the best of luck.. if you see a blonde kid in an orange shirt and shoes and black shorts on the side of the road feel free to kick me.


      Sorry I only kick people who are in my way or who are making strange breathing sounds while running by me.   So if you drop down in the middle of my path and are breathing weird chances are I am gonna kick you.  Most likely trip over you because I won't be paying attention :-)


      Current weather predictions are High of 75 and low of 57.  Not great and not horrible.  I wish it were going to be be cooler like high of 60 and low of 40 but oh well.  What can you do?  Hopefully the wind is not an issue.  I hate the wind. 


      Good luck to all runners. 

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        I really, really hope that Weather Underground's predictions are wrong.  They are a bit more dire than everyone else: high of 90 per them.


        Everyone who's running it: hydrate by don't overhydrate!  And look for the bald guy with a beard in an "astro blue" singlet with black shorts and white shoes in Pig Pen B!

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          Current weather predictions are High of 75 and low of 57.  Not great and not horrible.



          Weather.com keeps upping their estimate...right now they're predicting high of 82.  Icky.

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            Yeah the weather being so topsy-turny is what's making me so anxious. If it was 75 I'd be forever grateful at this point, yesterday when I checked Weather.com and another site they both said 88 with a low of 62. Taper anxiety always does this to me, though, I'm sure it won't be so bad and if it is.. then I'll enjoy getting hit with sprinklers, hoses etc. along the way.

            In it for the long run..

              Remember it starts at 6:30 am.  I think the half marathoners will be fine.  The slower marathoners (which includes me) will get some heat.

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                take it easy on Columbia Parkway. No shade, it can be brutal even when its not that warm. Early season heat is nothing to take lightly.


                  NOAA.org is saying 78 degrees. 


                  I guess we'll have to wait and see who is right!


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                    Well hopefully the weather people are wrong as usual.  However, it was 91 here today.  Did not feel as bad as expected but still not what I want to run.

                    2014 Goals: (Yeah I suck)

                    • Sub 22  5K
                    • Sub 1:35 1/2 marathon 
                    • Sub 3:25:00 Marathon

                      Be careful out there..I still think it will be better than the downpour of 2 years ago. Im glad im running in Cleveland instead. Looks like it will be about 10 degrees cooler.