Sunglasses ? (Read 1172 times)


    I splurged on a pair of Oakley's once.  They were great.  I lost them in 3 weeks.


    I treat my Oakley's like gold.  I will park my car with the keys in the door next to high school kids play softball with drug addicts but the moment I come home from wearing those sunglasses they go into the cloth sleeve they came with and into a drawer.  How sad is that?

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    My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

      I very seldom wear sunglasses for running. For cycling I have Rudy Project Rydon with photochromic lenses 

      http://www.rudyprojectuk.com/products/glasses/rydon/black-matte/impactx-photochromic-grey.html, which are really good. You can also buy the lenses separately if they get scratched (although mine are fine after a few years use).  I do occasionally use these to run, but I find that sunglasses get in the way of sweat around the eyes evaporating when running.


      For day to day use I have some Ray-bans http://www.ray-ban.com/uk/products/sun/RB4149?var=601/K3. The lenses on ray-bans are great.

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