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    This was my longest run in a loooooooonnnnnnnnng time. I ran/walked (mostly ran obviously) for 54 minutes. I had a pretty vigorous pace for the first 20, and then walked a while, and ran for the rest of the way. It was GREAT! probably got a good 4 miles in, which for me is pretty awesome! I feel great right now!

    A Saucy Wench


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      "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7


      Run like a kid again!

        Great job!  Keep up the good work.   Just don't push too hard to fast!
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          Sub 19 5K (19:24 5K July 14th 2010)
          Marathon under 3:05:59 BQ (3:11:10 Indy 2010)

        Princess Cancer Pants

          Nice!  Time to start eyeballing some 5 and 10ks! Big grin

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            WTG!  Congrats.

            2012= under-goaled

              Great to see you're sticking with it and not rushing the continuous running.