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    Hi everyone! I'm a "re-tread" (sorry for the pun) to the sport, a newbie again, returning to jogging after a 15-year absence. Found this forum after too much spam and garbage (sad to say) on the RWOL site Sad


    After mid-life gaining weight, marriage, and many pounds later, I began a walking program on 1/1/2012 - at same time re-joining Weight Watchers at 248.6 pounds. Ouch! NOT good for a MI survivor! After getting nearly a full-blown diabetes diagnosis in February, that was eliminated with my having lost 84.4 lbs (to date) on WW -- and having incorporated "jog-walking" - with plenty of walking breaks - as a returning 'newbie.'

    My BP was 142/98 on 1/10/2012, and was tested in October for 104/76 - will get it tested by MDs this week (they're both amazed; I work at a HUGE medical facility in a call center).

    Each morning before work I do 3 miles - plus 1.5 miles during my 30-min lunch break. I did 2 mapped-out (by me) 10K "races" (only me!): one was a Bonne Bell 10K (which I did 30 years ago!) and also in my old neighborhood Thanksgiving morning. Took me 90 minutes -- but, hey, it's a start!!


    The message is clear to all those post-menopausal women out there who say that weight loss/fitness is impossible after menopause: "blarney!" :O

    (I'm living proof!!) Got about 40-45 lbs remaining to goal weight... and I know I'll reach it (thanks to my jog/walking!!) Smile

    I want to live - not merely survive! And I won't give up this dream that keeps me alive!

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      Welcome!  And keep up the good work.  We have a 'before' and 'after' picture thread here if you want to get brave sometime and share yours and inspire others.  Smile


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        Congrats on your huge successes so far and welcome to RA!

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          welcome and good job.

            Great stuff.  And yes, our "Before and After" pictures thread is the ultimate in inspiration so if you feel comfortable posting there, please do!


            I AM running!!!

              Welcome! Great job, never give up! You've come to the right place to learn, share and find motivation! Brenda

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                TurquoiseBlue, welcome, and what a great story you have to tell.  Congratulations on your weight loss and your success as a runner.  As an older woman, I especially find this inspiring.  Keep up the great work, and I hope to keep seeing you around here.


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                  Love your avatar. It is very relaxing. Welcome to the boards. Keep it up, and take it day by day.