Mycoplasma infection and bronchitis (Read 44 times)


    Ugh! I went to dr today feeling like death! I have mycoplasma and bronchitis! I'm training for first marathon feb 2! This is not good! As the past two weeks I didn't get to run as much as I wanted to due to children activities and Christmas things! I was suppose to run a half Sunday but the doctor says NO! Anyone suffered from this? How long will it take me to shake it? I'm so bummed

    Princess Cancer Pants

      I don't know about the first thing, but I have been battling bronchitis since the tail-end of last year.  Today is the first day that I could sorta be active without coughing up all manner of evil.  Bronchitis has a way of lingering FAR too long.  2-4 weeks of lung garbage is sorta standard, unfortunately.  I'm finally not taking Mucinex and needing my rescue inhaler constantly.

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