Arms and legs flushed after mile 2 in run today? (Read 1000 times)

    Hi All, I had an interesting experience today. After my 2nd mile (going from jog to walk) I experienced a tingling in my legs and arms. They actually turned blotches of red (just like if you ate a niacin tablet). This went away after about 30 seconds, and did not bother me, but I was wondering what it was and if anyone else ever experienced this before.

      I know that my arms used to go numb when I held them up a little too much and had my fists shut. Now I run with my arms a bit lower, closer to my waist and keep my hand un-tense (if that's a word!)... basically like I'm holding a delicate egg. Without the tension, my arm no longer tingles.. don't know about the legs though?
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        DoughBoy, Where exactly does the tingling occur? Is it in the muscles or right underneath your skin? Since you mentioned that your skin became flush, I'll assume it's the skin. Here's the explanation that I read some place... Since you're only started to run recently, your body is not fully conditioned yet. Your capillaries are partially collapsed because when you're not exercising, you don't need as much blood going through them. But when you're exercising, you have more blood going to the skin, thus expanding the capillaries. As the capillaries expand, they stimulate the nerve endings around them, and that is interpreted by the brain as the tingling sensation. As you get more fit, your capillaries won't collapse as much, and as a result, you won't get the tingling/itching sensations. As for the red blotches, that's just blood in the capillaries. I'm sure that'll go away too as you become more fit. Of course, this only applies if the tingling is in the skin. If it's elsewhere, you should consult your doctor.

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          My wife, when she runs, always gets one side of her face flushed. The other side is normal. It is always the same side. It is weird, but does not bother her. As far as the blotches are concerned, some folks do get exercise-induced hives. This is much like exercise-induced asthma. Try to take a claritin before your run to see if that helps.