LapTrak - a new running app with a focus on interval/speed training (Read 58 times)


    Hi everyone,


    I'm a keen runner and developer, so I thought I'd bring the 2 together and write my own running app!


    The app is called LapTrak and its for Apple Watch and iPhone. You track your run on Apple Watch and sync it to iPhone to look at all the glorious stats! You can also sync your run straight to Strava too.


    The app can be used for all sorts of running but it has a focus on interval training. It's got 2 specific programmes for that so far - one for running fast repeats and one for pyramid training. Both are totally configurable in terms of the number of intervals, and are either time or distance based.


    There's another programme built in too which can be used for manual tracking of laps, or you can switch on auto-lap at a configured distance. I set it to auto-1km on regular runs or you can use it (for example) in manual mode to track hill sprints.


    All programmes are setup direct on the watch.


    Anyway, you can see more here - ​http://www.laptrakapp.com​​​




    ps, I hope this sort of post is OK - apologies if not.

      So, you don't have to carry a fricken phone when you run?

      No one wants to do that.

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        that's right - just the watch.  Leave the iPhone at home :-)





          Rich -

          This looks interesting; I use the Nike Run Club for interval training on Apple Watch but you are pretty locked into their workouts. I don't think you can create your own.