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    I just found out are gym has belts for deep water runign and was thinking of using as a cross trianing workout bu have no idea how to start anyone use it stella

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      I just found out are gym has belts for deep water runign and was thinking of using as a cross trianing workout bu have no idea how to start anyone use it
      I recommend water running for similar time and (what feels like) intensity as your current runs. You can also do intervals -- mix hard with easy water-jogging.

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        I just found out are gym has belts for deep water runign and was thinking of using as a cross trianing workout bu have no idea how to start anyone use it stella
        I did a bit of that when I had a knee injury in high school. Felt weird, not at all like real running, and I really don't think it did much for advancing, or even maintaining, my fitness. Plus some dumb jock stole my towel. did

          Diddidit, I respectfully disagree Wink (well, sorry about the towel, though Big grin) I think deep water running is a good cardio workout and doesn't put any impact on the knees, ankles. It's pretty easy to use -- strap it on (HAHA I am funny), get into some deep water ... and, while, "run." My problem with it is that it got really boring, really fast.
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            I just found out are gym has belts for deep water runign and was thinking of using as a cross trianing workout bu have no idea how to start anyone use it stella
            I posted this at "on the bench" and tho some info is injury specific - you may find some helpful info as well Smile BTW - no expert here - this is just what I found from my own experience Try to simulate the running motion with arms and legs Maintain “pace” at same or faster than on land Pool HR will be approx 10 bts less than land running HR Keep an upright posture, pelvis tucked, abs tight Forward lean during sprints – don’t bend at the waist Do drills like high knees, butt kicks and sprints … Aim to duplicate time and intensity of your land runs Flotation device will allow you to concentrate on form, instead of keeping afloat. Strong swimmers may not need float help, but try it until you have form down Swimmers may have trouble doing the running motion instead of scissor kicking It does feel awkward at first, just keep practicing The pool is a good place to work out muscle imbalances – most exercises can be done in the pool either with the help of flotation devices/water barbells. I’ve even done “leg press” by holding on to the side of the pool, and using fins – resistance is controlled by how big the fins are and how hard/fast you push. I like to end by swimming a few laps – just to be working the muscles a little differently. I had trouble fitting into the aqua jogger at the pool so I got my own here I also have these water walkers and while they are providing too much resistance for me right now – I look forward to adding this challenge to the workouts over the next few weeks. I also have a waterproof MP3 player that really helps with the boredom of being in the pool. I got both from that site and had no problems with my order. Water shoes will help keep your foot in a plantar flex rather than dorsiflex – but I find they are adding too much resistance for me right now. I will be using them when I transition to running in a shallow pool as I start to return to impact aerobics. Here are a couple of links to sites with info/plans for water work-outs Pftzinger water running plan stength training exercises Injured runner DVD don't have this - just thought it might be interesting. Do a search for "how to deep water run" - you will turn up lots of articles HTH p.s. - Pool Running = PR Wink

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              I second what Pool Runner said. I did some last year when I was out with stress fractures and lots this winter when I was out with a back injury. Pool running can do wonders for your abs, as you tend to keep them contracted alot to help you balance. It does get boring, but try to change up the running with some resistance exercises. I did this and looked at it as "interval" training. Run slowly for 10 minutes, fast for 5 minutes, do 5 minutes of a particular exercise. Ask your gym if they have any water aerobics classes...you don't have to go every week, just go to a couple to learn some exercises...and better yet, if they have several instructors, try a couple out to get new ideas. It will help break up the monotony of going back & forth in a pool! Make it fun and you will see the payoff!
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                I did it when I had a back injury. Its not really a very effective training tool, except to help recooperate without adding more injury. Not to mention, it got REALLY boring, really quick.

                  Stella, It's been a while since you original post. I wanted to add a bit since deep water running is something I'm doing a lot of right now. I'm recovering form a soleus (muscle below the calf) strain. Deep water running does not aggravate the injury. I've found it to be a great exercise for maintaining and, I've found, actually building fitness. The two biggest challenges are proper form and overcoming boredom. The form part isn't too bad. There's a bunch of variations that work, but try to simulate running on land as closely as possible. The trick is having the legs sweep through the water in a fashion that creates resistance. The common flaw in form is moving the knees up and down too much, in a marching motion. Not much resistance will be created in this manner, and you'll feel like you're wasting your time. The boredom part isn't too bad either. I do intervals every time I do deep water running. Time flies by. I honestly do not get bored and I know intervals are the reason why. There's a great article on these subjects by Pete Pfitzinger, a well-known marathoner and coach. He even lays out a 9-week training program with only deep water running as cardiovascular stimulation. Check it out here. Modified: I just noticed Chenille provided a link to the same article in her post. Big grin