Best running stroller for infant (Read 34 times)

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    When my daughter was young, I had a baby jogger ii I got on Craigslist.

    It was awesome... but I lent it to my brother and when he was done he dropped it at a consignment shop without asking. d'oh.


    I have a Thule Chariot Cougar I got after that so I could use it as a bike trailer and stroller... has worked well (not as good for running but satisfactory)  but I have a newborn now.  The infant adapter sling does not make me feel comfortable for running and doesn't allow me to see him while in use. Boo!


    I can't seem to find the equivalent to what I had.

    The wheels on the running strollers I am seeing are tiny.


    Maybe related, a lot say you can walk only with infant adapter... not run!


    What running stroller plus infant adapter do you recommend?


    It would be exclusively for running.




      As a rule you shouldn't run with an infant in a stroller until they can fully support their own head.


      With that in mind I am very happy with the Bob SE we picked up for my daughter 5+ years ago, and will use with our new son, once the weather warms a bit.


      The car seat adaptor makes it a bit top heavy, but that is another very common issue.

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        I have a Bob Revolution SE.  I had the britax chaperone car seat and the adaptor for the Bob that you just snapped in.  Our pediatrician said that was fine to run with since I would be running on smooth neighborhood roads.  She said there was no difference between doing that and putting them in a car.  So I started running with the kid when she was very young.  I was very happy with the Bob/Britax Chaperone Combo.


        MTA: I just looked at my log and the first jogging stroller run was at about two and a half weeks.

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