1st Run over 10 miles! (Read 594 times)

Beware, batbear...

    I got close last week, but finally did it this week.  10.73 today.  It was about 10 degrees cooler today with occasional cloud cover so I ended up running about 45 sec. per minute faster than last week.  Incredible.  I ran the second half of the Citizen-Times Half Marathon course (Plus about 4 miles, obviously).  Not bad!

    2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.

      congrats!  hopefully will be there soon as well.
        Great job!  That 10 mile mark is a big one.  Keep it up!
          Congratulations, Josh!  So when's your first HM?

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          Jan 8 - Clam Beach 8 3/4; Feb 18/19 - Hagg Lake 50k & 25k; May 7 - Ave of Giants HM; June 3 - Grasshopper Peak 30k (sweep duties); June 16/17 - Wild Rogue Relay; Jul 8 - Mt. Hood 50 (and maybe 50k next day - lottery); Sept 23 & 24 - Mt. Lakes 100 (first 100 - Yikes!!)


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            Just awesome!  *claps wildly*



              I'm training for a half and I haven't hit ten yet.  Hearing about others hitting their marks in training is pretty inspiring on my end.



              Beware, batbear...

                Thanks for all the well wishes.  First HM is September 12 - Asheville Citizen-Times.

                It's a hilly course but I'm excited!

                2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.