Sudden Knee Aches (Read 122 times)


    Not sure why this has happened, but I run about 9-12 miles weekly at a face pace, sub 8 min miles. I gave up distance running 5 years ago,

    and run only on old farm roads. I have encountered recently in both knees really bad aching. Its as if my knees all the sudden said, enough. I am in need of new shoes, but the sudden onset of this I am hoping is not the end of running for me. I m 52 years old and really dependent of running for physical along with mental health. l can't switch to biking because of groin tear a few years back. Any IDEAS?


    Really hopeful I can still run.

      Happens to me when I need shoes, sometimes I barely have enough time to break in the new shoes before the knee pain gets unbearable

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        I suffered from sudden onset knee pain a year or two ago, reason unknown. I ran with a knee brace (neoprene ACE brace, the adjustable type) for a while, and it worked well (I wore it over the long pants, but directly on the skin would also work, the brace just gets more sweaty, so you'll need to wash it often).

        After 2-3 weeks, the pain subsided. I had cut my distances a bit shorter than usual during that time, but could resume my normal running again.


        You might try icing the knee after your runs, or have your doc prescribe Voltaren gel to use for a while (anti-inflammatory, works like a charm if it is inflammation).


        You might also have suffered a knee injury, like a slight tear in a meniscus, so if the pain doesn't go away in a few weeks, an MRI could tell you more.


        Good luck!

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          I'm trying to figure out whether you run at a face pace, a fast pace, at race pace, or what.  That said, my suspicion goes to the shoes.  That was my problem when I started running (at age 55, BTW).  Get the right shoes.  Sorry, I can't tell you what they are, but I'm willing to bet that "motion control" shoes are very wrong.


          MTA:  And yeah, don't run too fast.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


            Just a month and a half ago my left knee started to really hurt after about mile 9 or so and I didn't know why. It just really hurt to bend and extend it, so I looked online for knee braces and bought this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004TTW2VI/ref=oh_details_o02_s01_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


            It really helps tremendously! My knee is still bothering me but this thing did allow me to finish a marathon two weeks ago but my knee was killing me by the end of the run. I wore this brace the rest of the day though and the pain was completely gone by that evening.


            Reasons I have found for this pain range from one lady telling me that it is because my calf muscles are too tight and I must stretch them much more often, to reading online that my quadricep muscles are too weak and are not holding my knee in place. I also run with a backpack sometimes and read that can cause bad knee pain, but I don't do that often.


            Anyway I hope some of this info helps, maybe try getting a good knee brace(s) and working out your quads. I really don't know if this is the best solution but its what I am doing to try and solve my knee pain, and who knows it may be your shoes, La Sportiva is an excellent brand for trail running shoes. Good luck!


              Hi McShane,


              My suggestions would be:

              1. Massage the right part - www.triggerpoints.net - tell where it hurts and it will tell you where to massage

              2. Warm up by walking and jogging slowly, run easy in training

              3. have you heard of the Maffetone Method of low HR aerobic training