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    Returning from a calf injury and doing an 8 step return to run with a run/walk program. Part of calf rehab has exercise including 1 legged body weight half squats. See to have developed Runner's Knee from this as I have pain walking down stairs. If I Google this many sites say it is OK to continue to run with this condition, but continue to ice, stretch and rehab exercises. Anyone have any go to remedy/therapy to get control of this injury quickly and avoid another set back to return to running? All I'm doing for it right now is ice and thigh contractions 25 reps, 4x a day.


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      I'm not sure if what I had was "runner's knee" but it hurt below my kneecap when I went down stairs.  If that's what you have, they sell straps to wrap around your knee, just below the kneecap to keep the patella tendon in it's proper groove to limit inflammation and swelling.  That's what worked for me in the short term while I did the strengthening exercises.

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        Besides icing and those thigh contractions, try adding in hip strengthening exercises to take pressure off your knees. Also, check your footwear and running form. If it's still bothering you, consider seeing a physio or sports doc for personalized advice. Hang in there, you'll be back on track soon!


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