swimming workout creator online - free (Read 2983 times)

    Stumbled across this site and have been enjoying it: http://www.swimplan.com/.  It will create a swimming workout for you based on your preferences.  It's free (ad-based) and has no other real services, but so far I've liked the workouts it's created.


    Any other similar sites out there?

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       Thanx for the workout info.  I have used this, http://www.ntcmastersswim.blogspot.com/

       but they are a little lean on using all four strokes.  but you might try it.  It beats trying to create a swim workout. 




        Thanks, I'll check it out. Smile

        Roads were made for journeys...


          Not sure why your link wasn't working, but this one should...

          Roads were made for journeys...

            I like this.  I'm hoping to start swimming again this winter, and with no swimming background, these look like nice ways to improve.  Better than "swim, stop, repeat as needed"