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    Good news???

    I got some New Balance Fresh Foam Hommes.

    bad news, I can’t find any reviews on this shoe.

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      Shoes are very important and extremely helpful for running.


      Helpful hints like this are what keep me coming back to runningahead.


        Gait is highly individual, so wear for one runner might be totally different from another.


        I need a similar shoe to your needs.  Just cushion.  No motion control.  I use Asics Gel-Cumulus, and have for 20 years.  The current design on this shoe has a comfortable toe box.


        Version 21 are available right now for $70 if you look.


        My present are near retirement, and they have 460 miles on them.


        Like I say, your mileage may vary....gait is a highly individual thing.


        I concur, I have been using Asics Cumulus since the Cumulus 16 version and they work for me. I am a heel striker which may affect the choice of runner you require. On average, I get 500 miles/pair so I replace 3 pair every year. The good news is they only cost $99 + tax in Canada which is reasonable imo.

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          Runningwarehouse dot com has a tool where you can input a shoe model/size and it tells you what size to select in the target make/model. I'll note that I wasn't able to find it on their site when I went to get you a link -- so "has" may be "had".


          I really miss that tool, found it very useful. Does anyone know if it is elsewhere?


            How do the ASICS run size wise? Nikes I wear a 12, new balance I wear 11.5 ee.


              Have you tried Altra?


              They make really wide toe boxes (I have double wide feet) and have moved into some extreme cushioning.


              I put 1200 miles on an older pair of theirs (Instinct 1.5). Newer models are more cushioned so they wouldn't last as long, presumably.


              I also second the Injinji and Smartwool sock recommendation.


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                I have 1100 miles on a pair of Hoka Bondi 6 right now and they still feel great. I can only usually get 600-700 on Hoka Clifton's before they don't feel good enough to run in anymore. I have 800+ on a pair of Hoka Speedgoat and decided to use them solely as screw shoes as needed.

                Hokas do not run wide in the toe boxes though so they are not for everyone.

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                  The best running shoes are a personal choice, it all depends on the shape of your foot, running style and the surfaces you run on. For myself I have wide feet and need toe room. I get New Balance 4E width and chose ones made on their SL-2 last which have extra toe room. I like to have several pairs in rotation so the shoes get a chance to dry and rest. I run a lot on asphalt roads and try to strike my foot nearly flat to lessen impact. The soles tend to wear out at the toes and heels and sometimes I will use them until I get a hole. I used to track the millage and replace shoes after 300 miles or so, but now I just use them as long as practical.

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                    I did a ton of experimenting back in the years I ran 3500-4500 miles per year, simply because that volume allowed it.


                    I learned that many recommendations to replace shoes were premature.  No shoe wore out at 300 miles.


                    I learned that shoes do indeed wear out.  Across multiple shoe models I found that it was best to stop using them for long runs (>13 miles) at 600 miles, but I could continue to use those shoes in shorter runs until 1000 miles.  I found any shoes used over about 1000 miles I started to get issues.


                    Caveat being this was individual to my form.  I know a dude who was very quick, 1:52 800m runner, after 200 miles on a pair of shoes it looked like someone took a knife to the inside forefoot.  Terrible form.  No surprise he never did excelled to that degree at longer distances.  But he forever went through shoes much quicker than me.

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                      Helpful hints like this are what keep me coming back to runningahead.


                      I have another quote from Kelly: "I am a blogger and I blog on the best mortgage rate now." Bam


                      I am really surprised how many miles you are able to get out of your shoes. Mine feel pretty dead after 300 miles, particularly Nikes and the Adidas UltraBoost. But the biggest problem I have is actually being a heal striker, is to fix the sole. And shoe goo isnt really cheap where I live.


                      Being a shoe nerd, I actually like bargain shopping for new pairs every now and again. It keeps me motivated. But I doubt I will ever use a shoe for 600 miles +


                        Seems to me the "less" shoe you use, the longer they last.  If your shoes have no midsole, they can last a really long time.  At then end of last year I finally retired a pair of VFFs at 3507 miles.  Those wore out as much from the inside as the outside. Two currently still using are at 2700+ and 2000+.  The liners wear out and then there are holes between the toes and finally there are holes in the soles.  Even with the holes you can run in them effectively w/o socks.


                        But. yeah, if you need a midsole for running they won't last as long...


                        FYI - 62 yo doing ~2K miles/year.




                          Hello! It will be interesting to read a review on them because I am tired of looking for good sneakers. The last ones, Hoka, are really cool, but I don't want to take them for short distances, that's why I am looking for a cheaper one. I think NB will be a good choice.

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                            Any good (tried) wet weather running shoes?