Hey! A hot spot! Whaaaat? (Read 76 times)

    I did a 12 mile run yesterday, a common occurrence, and at the end my foot felt sore here:


    When I took my shoes off, I saw a large hot spot on my foot...despite the fact that I am not wearing new shoes, I was wearing blister-proof Wright Socks, and it was a totally dry uneventful run.  (In fact, I wore this exact same shoe/sock combination in my last marathon and my feet were in great shape afterward.)


    The area is still sore today (a rest day) and I'm wondering what the rule of thumb is for when things that have always been okay suddenly aren't.  I'm thinking I will tape it for my run tomorrow, but if anyone has insight or anecdotes, I'll take 'em.


      According to your log, this is the longest run you've done this year. this 12 mile run may not be as ordinary as you think. Similarly, I ran for 2 hours yesterday, and one of my pinky toes was sore (and it's still sore). The weather is getting hot and my feet are probably swelling more than before. How is the weather/humidity in your area?