Issues with User Posts Disappearing and Marking them as Spam (Read 110 times)


    I can now post in Forums and User Groups. Thanks for the help and support, everyone.  


    I don't know what the future is for the topics that went missing, but I can pass on a trick I learned.  If you put your topic's name in the search box, then click on it in the search results and add a reply to it, then the topic will appear in it's forum or group again - at least that's worked for me.

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      Welcome back, Fred! Glad you got it sorted out. Smile

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      Are we there, yet?


        Your account is new, and this is your second post, so there is no abuse, yet.


        There is now. She modified her post to include spam.

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          I started a thread in Technical Support a couple weeks ago and it appears to have disappeared completely. I'm wondering if I might have also been affected by this?

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            Nothing to see here...bumped wrong thread.

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