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    At a track meet about 2 months ago, my IT Band tightened up in my knee...and the pain basically hasn't gone away. I've talked to trainers, and have stretches and I wear a knee brace at night to keep from screwing it up...but nothing will get rid of it. Recently, it started tightening up more in my hip than my knee. I need help! I've started XC training, and won't have real time of to nurse it until november...anything i can do?
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      Diva, From my experience, the only solution to ITBS is rest and stretching. I know that's not what you wanted to hear. You could try to reduce your training for a week or two, and do lots of stretching doing this time, especially right after your workouts. You should be doing these stretches if you're not already doing them. Since it's at your hip, concentrate on the first and last picture. Good luck!

        Thank you! The stretches the trainer has me doing are similar...but hopefully these will help too. Good luck with your running!

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          yeah.. I wish you the best but really, if you want it to get better, you have to rest. Mine just got unbearable and I had to stop running for two weeks before it finally got better... take care of it earlier rather than later... save yourself some time in the future.
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            I've had similar pain (and others) over the past couple of years. Stretching, rest and icing seem to be the best remedy. I ride a bike a lot more now and only run a couple days a week. I've found that riding in low gears (spinning) has kept my 5K time about what it was with running alone. Hope you feel better soon Smile D.
              My IT has hit (again)!!! I am a little discouraged since I have taken my time with my milage and pace this year. On top of rest, ice and motrin, does anyone have any experience with those IT straps that wrap around your leg just below the knee? A friend of mine who's a nurse said the theory behind them sounds good, but to get some reviews first. Has anyone used them? How did they work?
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                I don't know about those straps, but have you considered that maybe there's something wrong with either your feet or shoes that is causing your problems? Like perhaps one foot overpronates and one underpronates or something like that? From my understanding, problems in the feet often go unnoticed because the body compensates higher up. A problem that travels up the body (knees... then hips... then back...) often has its origin at the level of the feet. It might be worth seeing a sports doc or podiatrist to see if you can fix the cause of the problem rather than just the effect. Just my $.02, as they say. edited to add: Oops. I didn't notice that you weren't the original poster who had IT trouble moving from her knee up her hip... Sorry! Still, might be worth it all the same. Good luck to you!

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                  Janell, Thanks for the help. I couldn't agree more with problems in the feet often shoe themselves further up the body. I think my pronating is what helped cause the tendonitis last time. However, at the beginning of this season I went to a running store to buy my shoes. I had posted my experience in another post, but to sum it up I found out I did pronate (admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery :-), and bought a pair of shoes accordingly. They have a little over 100 miles on them, so they should still be good. Maybe I'm missing something else in my feet, but I don't know what it could be. Thanks again!
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