Whiners (Read 503 times)


    Ooh, a real whine:

    Fucking mosquitos.  I can't outrun them and horrors if I stop for even 5 seconds (totally not an exaggeration.  They're even swarming in bright sunlight at high noon).  Fucking more rain all this week (we still have standing water in ditches from the April floods and are surrounded by bayous and only a mile from the Grand River) which will = even more fucking bloodsuckers.  DEET is no match for my profuse sweat.


    That is all.


    I know, huh?  I saw a mosquito in our front yard last summer! Didn't know what to do, as I hadn't ever seen one there before!



      +1  Minnesota state bird....  Damn things... They don't even taste good as you inadvertenly gulp one down ...  Do they count as a carb or protein?

      South Carolina state bird as well. I swallowed a mosquito a few weeks ago. I was coughing and gagging. Darn thing was stuck to the back of my throat.


      mosquito repellent works well for me (bullfrog brand has a combo sunscreen and repellent). I look extremely oily before I go out running, though.