2 yrs, 1000 miles, and so much more (kinda long, sorry) (Read 763 times)

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    Well I've officially been running now for 2 years. Hard to think it all started with a treadmill, a couple of extra pounds and a small amount of desire. Two years ago we got a treadmill so me and my wife could lose our 'baby fat' from our first pregnancy. I had so little desire to run but I figured I'd give it a shot. My first mile, I'll never forget it, was around a 14-15 minute pace. I had never worked so hard in my life, but I finished that first mile and there it began. I decided to enter my first road race the following year so I had plenty of time to prepare. Race time came around and I finished, not first, but I finished. And to top it off was my wife, my daughter, and the little one not yet born. I really liked this running thing. Fast forward to last October. The Twin Bridges Road Race. 8k. I had never ran more than 4 miles before that, but I entered anyways. I went out that morning and ran with everything I had. I finished, not first, but I finished. And everyone was there to see me, including my parents. That was a year ago. Now my longest runs are included in the double digit club. Not yet a twenty miler but my long run is now my short run. I've logged over 1000 miles since I started. Which is insane if you knew me. Ask anyone, I'm the last person they'd see running. I'm getting ready for my 2nd Twin Bridges this weekend and I can't wait. This morning I've logged officially 101 miles in one month. I've been close but this is the real deal. I've hit double digit runs for the first time and when those days come it's a family affair. My wife meets me with the kids to bring nourishment and water. It's a family effort. You can't do it alone. My brother explained it best when it said, 'Running isn't something you do, it's a lifestyle,' and he was right on. So to sum it up I'll throw in some things I've learned over the last 2 years. > The people that say running is hard to do are the ones who never have. > My joints will hurt whether or not I choose to run or walk. So why not get some cardio while I'm at it. > The best photographer in the world is my wife, who is it every finish line to get my picture, holding the kids. > There is no such thing as jogging, unless you own stock in PI. > And last but not least, Zoom has more posts than any person in the history of the Internet. :-) Thanks for reading. PS thanks to my little one for finishing mile 100 and 101 with me.
    Things to do this year:
    Not get an injury
    Things done this year:
    Bi-Lo 5k(Myrtle Beach) : 02.12.10 - 25:??

    One day at a time

      Thanks for the great post! What a great job you've done. Yep, running is definitely a lifestyle - all three of our kids run now, and it shows! My husband just visited his brother and three sisters, and they're all very overweight. They were surprised to see our photos! Keep up the good work!
        Great post! Thanks for sharing.
          congratulations on adopting a lifestyle that has mental and physical benefits. That is great that your family is involved. I am hoping my wife, and children get on board, as well.

            Way to go. Congrats to your wife too for fully supporting your addiction Smile Here's to the next 1000miles!

            Looking gooooood ;p

              Well Done!! Having just cracked the first 1000 miles myself, I can fully apreciate how you feel Cool It sounds like you have a great family there - I wish mine would give me half that support!! (Wait until your children are teenagers and see what I mean, "You're not going out in THOSE, dad..?!" (pointing to ratty, too-short running shorts)) Keep it up Wink
              The best route to run is one which takes you furthest from the staff canteen....
                Great story. Congrats on what you've done so far and keep on truckin'.

                Runners run.