2012 Sub-3:00 Marathon Goal Thread (Read 6879 times)

Feeling the growl again

    Boston result = 3:19:10. I'm happy with that.


    Nice.  Glad to see another person that made it through.

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      Even kept alive my streak of negative splits... 6 Bostons in a row, I think. And I beat Joan Benoit Samuelson! (But it turns out she was running with her daughter.)

        Even kept alive my streak of negative splits... 6 Bostons in a row, I think. And I beat Joan Benoit Samuelson! (But it turns out she was running with her daughter.)

        You beat Joan Benoit Samuelson and her daughter?!  Double props to you!


        (I was tracking you while at work.  Nice run -- you didn't wilt like most of the peeps I was following.)

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          Congrats to everyone who survived Boston! Looked absolutely awful out there. You all deserve several gallons of beer.


          After throwing my hat into the ring for a sub 3 attempt, I disappeared as I dealt with tendonitis in both Achilles tendons. Ironic that my comeback from knee injuries would be derailed by something else. Anyhow, I've got all that under control, and now am ramping up the mileage (slowly) in order to prepare for the Philly marathon in November. So I'll be hanging around the forum more often.  


            Hamstring still barking - I actually started to strengthen it (Maybe to late) 2+ weeks ago and I am having my wife roll it out hard with a rolling pin every night.


            Last night I did 10 with 3x3 @ 5k pace - Not a hard workout, but to keep some tension in the legs.  The hamstring was fine for the faster stuff, but in the last easy mile to get home it was pretty pissed at me.


            Currently mu legs are pretty rubbery and lead filled - But I am hopeful that by Saturday they will come around - I never get that light and fresh feeling in taper anyway.


            So far this year I have run 2 marathons and 2 50ks - So I have no short races to gauge rediness.  All of those races were train through them as part of higher mileage (Except Houston - I had not started to trail and was 240).


            I feel 6:40-6:45 range is realistic ~ 2:54-2:58  Anything above 3 disappointing and anything below 2:54 would be welcome, but a bit confusing.

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              DB - I've been dealing with hamstring issues for the past year as well.  Tried lots of hamstring specific stretches and rolling it out twice daily.  Stretches sometimes made it worse and the rolling helped a little but not a lot.  Recently, I've been focusing on stretching the glutes and lower back, plus lunges.  Since doing that my hamstring issues have pretty much gone away.  I was able to go all out on a 10 mile race with no hamstring issues at all and have been hitting the speed training pretty hard with no pain/tightness at all.  If you haven't already done anything specific with glutes/lower back, it may be worth a shot.


              Good luck this weekend, I have you pegged at lower 2:50s, probably 2:52 or below...

                Good luck DB!  Your mileage and times are impressive and inspiring. 


                FF made good comments regarding hamstrings as I've been battling an on/off hamstring injury since last August.  I found out the hard way that some of the hamstring stretches were aggravating it rather than helping it.  I do easy stretching and also make sure the glutes and hips get their attention too.   Keep resistance low or just body weight for hamstring issues as I have felt improvement over the past few weeks.


                Keep us in the loop!


                  Thanks for the info - Even if I am in 2:52 shape - I am hoping to run @ 95-98% effort and still be under 3.  If I need to run 100% effort to break 3 I will, but if I can back off slightly and still break 3 I will take that bonus.  FANS24 is the prize.



                  Good luck this weekend, I have you pegged at lower 2:50s, probably 2:52 or below...

                  7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



                    Clive, you're 1 second off on my Boston time. It was 3:17:54 Wink


                    Running in 90f was fun. NOT.



                      I went into Boston with two goals. 1. To finish. 2. To set a personal worst. Mission accomplished. There was nothing to prove out there on Monday, and everything to lose. Kept my streak of 5 Boston's in a row....

                        I dropped out at mile 25, after some vomiting and dizziness and an inability to take one more zombie like step.


                         Got taken to the emergency room, and got pumped with 3 liters of IV fluid and 3 gatorades, officially Heat Exaustion.


                        What do I take from this experience?


                        I'm stupid.  I've never been a good heat runner, and I knew pretty early on that the race was not going to go well.  I considered dropping out at mile 16, and again at Mile 20.  My pace had slowed so much that there was no way to salvage a reasonable race.


                        I should have dropped out much earlier, instead of waiting for my body to rebel.  Sometimes it takes more courage to quit than continue.  I've got to know when to quit.  Also I'm never running a marathon in over 72 degrees again.


                        I signed up for Sugarloaf in 4 weeks hopefully the weather will be better.


                          I'm shooting for sub-3:00 at OC Marathon on May 6th. Multiple 20+ milers in the 6:45 ave. range, so I think I will get it. For history, I'm 46 male, will be 47 in June.



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                            Hi everyone,

                            I'm throwing my hat in the ring again this year at Chicago.  I ran a disappointing 3:03 at Philly last November, then had to take a couple months off with a stress fracture and IT band issues, but am (knock on wood) healthy and training again.  My running group is sending a ton of people to Chicago; hopefully that will provide the impetus to get over the hump.  No marathons planned until then, but if anyone is doing Karl's Speedgoat 50k in July, let me know!  I'm currently packing as much vertical as possible into my legs in hope of survival...

                              Good luck DB and Spaniel!


                                Looks like DB had a 2:56Tight lippedx.  Very even splits with a good finish.