Reoccuring Knee Injury (Read 22 times)


    Ive been getting into running since june of this year. I've progressed quicker than I thought I would, which made me more committed to the sport itself. Three weeks ago, on about mile 9 of a relaxed run, my knee sort've gave out on me. I didn't land on it weird, I was on flat pavement. It affected me for about a week. I quit running for a little over two weeks. Yesterday I felt fresh and gave running a shot. At about mile 4, my knee started hurting again so I stopped. Now its back to hurting when I don't run. I was just wondering if its a normal sprain most people get from overtraining? Theres no real way for me to measure the amount of rest I need. It's inside the knee sort've towards the tendons in the back. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank ya!

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      Hard to say without knowing what you are doing. It could be a simple overuse issue (aka too much training load). How many miles are you running per week to support than 9 miler? The other thing is it could be your shoes. How old are your running shoes?


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        I usually do 3-4 runs through the week. they range from 3-5 miles. it happened on a sunday. Sundays usually when I do just a long run at slow pace. My running shoes are about a month and a half old. I'm sure I could have stride issues or maybe late into runs I may be less forgiving on my knees and my posture. Just wasn't sure of the severity of it. Thanks for replying.